Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Riddler – The Worlds Maddest Detective - MK Stangeland Jr.

(5 Panels)

Panel 1: RIDDLER and BATMAN (BRUCE WAYNE) are on a rooftop in Gotham City. RIDDLER is wearing a BATMAN costume, though his cowl and cape have a greenish tint to them and the body suit is darker. RIDDLER is turned towards BATMAN from previously being perched on a rooftop ledge, and has a very un-BATMAN like grin on his face.

BATMAN: Riddle me this, Edward. When is Batman not?

RIDDLER: A riddle? I LOVE riddles! Oh, oh! I’ve got this one, don’t tell me…

Panel 2: BATMAN stands directly in front of RIDDLER doing his best intimidation death-glare. RIDDLER, however, knows BATMAN well enough to not be affected by it very well and instead continues to have a grin on his face that would look outright creepy if the regular BATMAN were wearing it.

BATMAN: (Not giving RIDDLER a chance to answer.) When I haven’t approved it.

RIDDLER: Oh, you mean this old thing?

BATMAN: You want to explain to me why you’re running around Gotham dressed like me?

Panel 3: RIDDLER crouches as he sticks one foot up on the ledge of the building and stretches the opposite arm out in front of his face while holding his cape, using it to cover his face below the eyes.

RIDDLER (1): I’m trying to get inside your head and answer one of the second greatest riddles of the Batman!

RIDDLER (2): Riddle me this – how does he run around in tights all the time without going as bats as the very madmen he puts away?

Panel 4: RIDDLER stands on the ledge of the building with his back to the open air. His arms are stretched wide, each hand holding an edge of his cape.

RIDDLER: The answer?

Panel 5: RIDDLER leaps off the rooftop backwards. BATMAN rushes to try to catch him, worried that RIDDLER may have snapped even beyond his normal self and is leaping to his death.



The following page would show that no, RIDDLER isn’t committing suicide, but instead has his own grappling cable which he uses to try to swing away while he laughs maniacally.


  1. I love the visual of Riddler in a green Batman suit, and love the idea of the confrontation.

    The page gets me to wonder why Riddler needs to know this about Batman, and how Batman would reign Riddler in.

    I'm assuming it would be a light hearted one issue story?

    Overall, the page got me asking questions, which is exactly what we all hope to do with our pages.

  2. And here I thought the Riddler was going to start a franchise of Batman, Inc.

    Good page, MK. I quite enjoyed it.

  3. Like Ben, I loved the opening visual. This was a more playful Batman than we sometimes see these days, but I actually prefer that.


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