Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Riddler – Wrong Answer – Ryan K Lindsay


1. Damian is punching The Riddler in the guts. They are in a room, a basement, chains on the walls, stains on the ground. This is Damian’s playground.
Damian: I got one for you. Listen closely.

2. Riddler is on the ground, holding his stomach. He’s in pain.
Damian: There is a room.
Damian: It is sound proof.
Damian: Two guys walk into aforementioned room.
Damian: One of them is pretty awesome.

3. Damian stands above the Riddler. Damian’s close to rocking that stance he did on Batman & Robin #1.
Damian: The other is you.

4. Damian grabs the Riddler’s hat off the ground.
Damian: The Batman is off, busy, definitely not coming back any time soon.
Damian: So, how much blood does this other guy give up before he names his source?

5. Damian is wearing the Riddler’s hat. He’s about to punch, or kick (go with your instincts), the Riddler.
Damian: Riddle me that, @$$#@^


  1. Ryan, I'm starting to think you ARE Damian Wayne. And that scares me.

  2. The only thing that took me out of this page was the word "aforementioned". It's just kinda clunky and I can't really see Damian saying it. Other than that, loved it! As I always say, I like dark. Dark is good :)

  3. Damn what a fun, dark action page, I could totally see this in a book. I love how you took the riddle theme and turned into a cool set of action movie style dialogue coming from Damian.
    I do however somewhat agree with Danial on the use of "aforementioned" I couldn't see Damian saying it. Although having said that perhaps the use of a word outside of his norm was to highlight Damian's mocking characterization of the smooth, cool Riddler.
    All in all great page set up though.

  4. It's dark but by God that last panel is such a hilarious image.

  5. Correction Rol, Ryan wants to be Damien.
    As soon as he said 'aforementioned' I thought of Ben Affleck in Good Will Hunting as Chuck.
    I would have rated this a 5 if he asked the Riddler for a retainer!!!!!!
    Nice little page though;)

  6. I don't know what it is, but I find something enjoyable in watching Damian coming up with a terrible riddle while having found his way out of the watchful eye of any of his fellow bat-people. This seems as much about why Damian ALWAYS requires supervision as it is about the Riddler, and I'm perfectly happy with that.

  7. I think I envision Damian as slightly less violent for some reason, but I can't argue with a good page. The slowly building lines and the image of Damian wearing Riddler's hat seal it for me. Nice stuff, Ryan.


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