Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Aztek: The Ultimate Man – Cycles – Ryan K Lindsay


1. A little kid holds a newspaper in his hands. He is standing on a busy city street and we are reading over his shoulder.
Newspaper description
Headline: Blood Eclipse To Drown City
Image: artists rendition of this red eclipse, make it look like Berni Wrightson drew it
We can’t make out the rest of the words.

2. People look up into the sky, at us, their faces beginning to show surprise, fear, anger, etc.

3. The same panel as before but this time there’s a red shadow creeping up on them.

4. The same panel again but the red has almost overtaken them.

5. The kid is scrunching the newspaper in his hands, the red is right below his eyes.
Kid: C’mon, Dad…

The next page would be a massive double splash page of the red eclipse in the sky. Maybe throw some Jim Lee bats into the sky. Make it atmospheric and nasty. Laid over it would be plenty of words explaining a little of what is going on.


  1. You were right.

    A cool, foreboding page. Although for whatever reason, I kept thinking of Superman, not Aztek.

    Is this now the least page time a character has made in a script? Does the mention of 'Dad' eclipse a severed finger?

    We are a bunch of cheats.

  2. Sweet one pager Ryan. Sets up a lot of tension and unease in a few short panels. Lovely work mate.

  3. Cool page that builds an ominous atmosphere quite nicely. Bonus points for the reference to Wrightson.


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