Friday, September 16, 2011

Aztek: The Ultimate Man - Preoccupied - Grant McLaughlin

Four rows of panels. Each row is a single panel, all of equal size.

1 – An image of a young child sitting atop an Aztec pyramid. He is wide-eyed and confused. He is surrounded by a number of mysterious figures in Quetzalcoatl regalia (“feathered-seprent” motif in their headdresses, masks, tattoos, dress, and so forth). The art style seems to be an imitation of Aztec art, but kind of poorly done, as if the artist is inexperienced. It is basic and spartan, with parts of unrecognizable words written at different places on the panel.

CAPTION (AZTEK): I was selected from birth by the Q Society to be Quetzalcoatl's champion.

2 – Same crude art style. In the child's place is a man grown. He appears to be a rough approximation of Aztek in full costume, but again, the artistic rendering is a bit lacking. At his feet is a pile of defeated foes. He stands ready, prepared for anything that may come his way. The unrecognizable writing continues.

CAPTION (AZTEK): It is my destiny to fight against all of His enemies to protect the world from the forces of the diabolical Tezcatlipoca.

3 – Same crude art style. This panel is rather bare, with only two figures. Aztek remains, but he is tired and sad. He holds his helmet in his hands, looking downwards. Above and behind him is an enormous depiction of Tezcatlipoca. Despite the crude rendering, it looks quite fearsome and omnipresent.

CAPTION (AZTEK): I live a life of strife. Battle is rarely far and the constant violence and bloodshed can be... exhausting.

4 – Switch to a regular superhero comic art style. Aztek is in his secret identity of Dr. Curtis Falconer. It appears that he is in an art class. There are a few students in the background working on their own projects. Aztek sits at his painting, which is actually a canvas containing all 3 of the above panels.  Aztek looks tired and a little sad. An art teacher stands looking at his painting, unsure of what to think.

CAPTION (AZTEK): To prevent their defenders from becoming overwhelmed by this never ending task, the Q Society encourages them to take up a hobby to provide some much needed diversion.

TEACHER: Well, it's certainly an interesting composition...

CAPTION (AZTEK): It's not really helping.
I managed to squeeze in an Aztek script this week based on my recollections of reading the trade a year or two ago, so I apologize if it doesn't entirely follow the established canon (if that's the case, this takes place in the “New 52”...).


  1. Danial - now whenever one of us flubs continuity or tone we'll just call "New 52!" I love it.

    I dig the concept of this page, the art style and scrappy captions, and think it all comes together soundly.

  2. Solid page with a strong visual sense in the panel descriptions.

  3. @ Ryan - And it's a legitimate excuse, too! :-P

  4. Loved this script Danial. And the 'New 52" get out of jail card is a blessing to us here.


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