Sunday, September 4, 2011

Batwoman - Going Native - Ryan K Lindsay


1. The Joker stands on a dock at a port and screams into a storm. He looks like he's pissed under a bright red wig and yet he's still smiling. The rain beats down hard. Joker's goons stand back by the more stable land.
Joker: Henchmen, fetch me my crowbar!

2. Batwoman flies out of the storm at the Joker whose head is just at the bottom of the frame. This is one of those middle of the page, JH Williams III moments you just love. Batwoman has a manic Joker grin and flowing green hair instead of the trademark red. The storm behind her is swirling.
Joker: It's time to get serious.
Caption-Batwoman: Three hours.

3. A long shot in profile of the Batwoman slamming into the Joker with one foot landing right on his chest and him going down hard.
Caption-Batwoman: Focus.

I can see this page. I can also see an artist taking some liberties, but otherwise I can completely see this page. That's a cool feeling. I can also see a mammoth story within it all. One day, man, one day.

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  1. Nice, Ryan. Always love these visual-focused scripts; mine are always overflowing with dialogue and captions. You let the visuals sing, here. As they should. Ace, mate. Top stuff.


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