Friday, September 30, 2011

Cthulhu - Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit - Grant McLaughlin

1 – Night time. A straight shot of the Capitol Building (from the side of the Mall for those familiar with D.C.). It is a foggy night. I imagine a very loose, expressionistic art style here. Dark and moody, if possible, but the building and place should still be recognizable.

CAPTION: Some people refer to it as the “Machine of Government”.

2 – Pull out a bit. Something like a ¾ shot, still centred on the Capitol Building. Maybe see some traffic and various night time stuff going around.

CAPTION (1): As if the whole thing is an unthinking automaton that doesn't have a plan for the individual citizen.

CAPTION (2): For you.

3 – Pull back even further. Getting closer to an aerial shot, but still not quite there. The lights are starting to meld into a bigger image, but it isn't yet clear.

CAPTION: But what would you say if I told you that these people were thinking too small? That things are on a much larger scale than they realize.

4 – An aerial view at this point. With the final change in angle, the pattern becomes clear: the tracks of grass behind the Capitol Building form dark eyes, the Capitol Building a maw, and the Mall and roads coming from it are long, continuous tentacles. First caption at the top of the panel, second caption at the bottom.

CAPTION (1): Government isn't a machine.

CAPTION (2):'s a monster.


  1. Wonderful build up, and great use of pulling the camera back, it not only drew me in as a read but makes for that great final panel reveal. Also those last two captions are just sublime. Awesome page.

  2. So simple and I really dig it. You're relying on the artist heavily for this one. Bold and brave. This feels like Cthulhu taking over Ex Machina, but that could just be me...ha.

  3. Love the twist at the end. The government controlled by the monster, or worshippers of it. Great work!


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