Friday, September 30, 2011

Cthulhu – Tournament of Suns – Ryan K Lindsay

This is a double page splash. Deal with it.

1. Here we have the mega-tournament of the gods going down. Our lead in character, Henry Beauchamp (new character, no reference), stands to the bottom left, dwarfed by the rest we see. What we see is, a fighting arena set into a volcanic cliff, Frazetta clouds sing in the sky, and there are seven distinct ‘species’ of monster. The tentacled Cthulhu stands proud but we also get, a many-legged spider monster, a tree-style monster, a strange water-creature monster, a monster of what seems to be only eyes and teeth, a completely armoured monster, and a plant monster. Go crazy with the design, this is your page to shine, (unnamed artist).

Caption-Henry: For years, I worked to protect our lives, our world, from the madness of Cthulhu.
Caption-Henry: Little did I know there were such worse monsters available.
Caption-Henry: Cthulhu had won the right to be our tormentors. The lease was now expired…they all have a chance to be up next.

I don’t want to go into too much detail in the panel description of this script because I’d honestly leave it mostly to the artist. This would be the starting point and from here we’d hash it out over the phone/email and through many sketches. The contents of this splash would define the whole arc so we’d put plenty of time into it. The way I see it, this kicks off the second issue. The first issue has Henry Beauchamp chase Cthulhu down and track him through the cosmos to this place. It is here Henry will realise that things might just be about to get worse. The arc would be a mix of fiendish horror and monster politics. Fun, right? Enjoy.


  1. Damn this is good, great in fact. I loved that you just threw away the one page rule with a 'deal with it' haha. I think 14 year old me would have got a huge kick out of seeing all of those awesome monsters on the page, heck 22 year old me loved them. Cool stuff here mate.

  2. I can deal with this. This is an exciting starting point for what I could presume would make for an even more exciting arc. When's the release date? ;)

  3. You know, I could have done my splash as a double page too, but I stuck to the RULES! :P

    I like the premise behind the page though. Although I can see why Cthulhu would have to fight to regain his right to torment us - the dude has been asleep for aaaaages. Slacker.

  4. Yeah, the concept wins me over here. I'd want to read on.


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