Sunday, September 18, 2011

Spider-Island – Disgusting - Ben Rosenthal

1. Philip Porter (new character), an overweight middle aged New Yorker is swinging just above the streets of New York City. Like many of his fellow citizens, Philip has awoken with powers similar to The Amazing Spider-Man. His face shows a mix of exhilaration and joy, as organic webbing shoots from his wrist as he swings through the city.

2. A close up of Philip’s face, showing the joy he is feeling.

3. A wide panel showing Philip’s silhouette, surrounded by yellow electricity that has hit him from seemingly nowhere.

4. A close up of Philip’s face as he lies on the ground. He is alive, but in pain. A single foot is on the side of his head, pinning it to the road.

5. This panel shows the identity of the man who is standing on Philip’s head. He is also the person responsible for shooting Philip down. It is Norman Osborn, a look of disgust on his face. In the background we can see other New Yorker’s swinging around. A sickening KRACK sound effect is seen in the background as Norman squishes Philip’s head with his foot off panel.



  1. Isn't Osborn currently imprisoned?

  2. RIP Philip. We hardly knew him.

    (PS: Norman Osborn's a jerk!)

  3. Osborn's current whereabouts secret. But this scene could totally happen.

    This things starts so carefree, and then just drops. I'd love to see the colour on the page reflect this. Ben - I like this one.

    Oh, and Philip is totally you, right?

  4. Ben, this worked well as a visual page - even without the visuals. I could totally feel the character's joy... so his fate came as a real blow.

    The electricity misled me for a second... unless Norman has Max Dillon on the payroll. Which wouldn't surprise me at all.

  5. A solid, image centric page that builds to a great last panel. This weeks subject is such great fodder :-D

  6. @Rol - Norman can fire electricity from his Goblin gloves. I would assume he is wearing them, or some other form of them if he is out exterminating.

    @Ryan - Philip? Pft, I'm Norman, baby.

    @Danial - and that is the reaction I was going for :)

  7. Damn that final panel hits home hard. Great imagery building up to that finally bang. Solid page over all.

  8. Love the silent page. Your descriptions set the scene and tell the story perfectly. Some wonderful imagery going on in this page.


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