Friday, September 23, 2011

Spider-Island - Longing - Danial Carroll

Close up on the lower half of a pretty woman’s face. She is talking into a cellphone.

WOMAN: Hey, it’s, umm…
WOMAN: It’s me.
WOMAN: ->sigh<-

From behind, we see that the woman--a blonde--is sitting on a sofa in a large living room. Over her shoulder, a large-screen TV displays a News Anchor. In the upper corner of the screen is an image of Spider-Man with the label “Spider-Island” clearly visible. In the lower corner of the screen it says "Mute".

WOMAN: Have you heard about Manhattan?
WOMAN: They’re calling it “Spider-Island”.
WOMAN: They could probably use your help.

WOMAN: If you do come up, I’d…

Close on a white-gloved hand holding a cellphone. Upon its screen reads “Voicemail” and below that, it says “Speaker: On”.

PHONE/WOMAN: I’d like to see you.

Marc Spector is crouched upon a rooftop. He is wearing his Moon Knight gear, but has the hood pulled back so we can see his face. He is holding a cellphone in his hand. He looks sad, almost teary.

PHONE/WOMAN: I miss you, Marc.

I know if I was writing this for an artist I'd put "Marlene" instead of "Woman", but I'm not, so I didn't. Deal with it :)


  1. Chillingly good page. Great natural dialogue and a really solid final panel. I like how you admitted that your writing style changes based on the audience whether it be us here at Thoughtballoons are for an artist. I think that is something we have all had to think about.

  2. I like this one a lot, Dan. Spider-Island has been rather lighthearted up until this point, and you manage to really pull on some emotional strings here. Nice stuff.

  3. Simple and yet so effective. But which Moon KNiht is on the phone, is it Cap Knight., Wolvie Knight, Spidey-Knight? ;P

  4. Thanks, guys.

    And Ryan, are you trying to make me cry? :)

  5. Cool page, Danial... though I had to wonder if MK would carry a cellphone around with him - or just have his calls wired into some kind of cowl-mounted bluetooth device.

  6. Yeah, great page. Surely it would be Spidey-Knight, right? He'd all be quipping and thwippin all over the place.

    Yes, I am trying to make you cry.

  7. Well it worked, ok!!!

    Anyways, Bendis already had him quipping and thwipping, so he'd fit right in.


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