Friday, September 23, 2011

Spider-Island - No "I" in Team - Grant McLaughlin

Two rows.  The first row takes up a third of the page and contains three equal-sized panels.  The second row is one large panel.

1 – A professional basketball team locker room. I haven't actually encountered Marvel's fictional sports teams (if they have any), but this would be the fictional counterpart to the Knicks. Dustin (new character, no reference) is hastily getting into his uniform. He is wearing boxers and socks, but little else. He is in the process of putting on his shorts. No one else is in the room.

DUSTIN (thought balloon): I can't believe I'm late for practice because I've been web flinging around town.

2 – Shorts on, Dustin starts putting on his shoes. In his rush, he's trying to do it while standing. On one foot, his is hunched over trying to tie the shoe of his raised and bent leg. He is hopping out of the locker room door into the hallway. He wears a slightly pensive look, considering an aside for a moment. His shirt is draped over his shoulder.

DUSTIN (thought balloon): “Web flinging”? Is that right?

DUSTIN (2) (thought balloon): Sounds a little off.

3 – Dustin is racing down the hallway, his shirt over his head as he puts it on. He is almost at the court.

DUSTIN (thought balloon): Either way, everyone is going to be crazy jealous of my new moves.

4 – Two third of the page splash, Dustin stands alone on the court. He is wearing a sly and knowing grin. However, unbeknownst to him, the rest of the team is swinging all around the court and rafters, leaping great distances, letting out yelps of delight, and generally doing whatever a spider can. Go big on this one.

DUSTIN (thought balloon): I can't wait to see their faces.


  1. Pretty decent set up for the punch. I'm just unsure how Dustin got all the way out onto the court without hearing the rest of the team around him.

  2. Good dialogue and a cool page layout, Grant. The third sentence in the description for panel 2 made my head bleed though. ;-)

  3. I liked it, again bringing up memories of how cool high school would have been with Spider powers.


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