Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Spider-Island - Talent Imitates, Genius Steals - Rol Hirst

Panel One.

Extreme close-up on Norman Osborn’s mad eye. Not that he only has one mad eye, both his eyes are quite mad, obviously. We’re only focused on one in this panel though.

NORMAN: Miles Warren was always a poseur.

Panel Two.

Pull out to a head & shoulders shot of Norman, power-suited and grinning sinisterly. Behind him we see Gwen Stacy in flashback: smiling, laughing, wearing some ridiculously kitsch 60s Romita outfit.

NORMAN: A petty, vain, inadequate little man of limited intellect… he always envied what I had.

Panel Three.

Pull out further to show more of Norman’s surroundings. He’s standing on a penthouse balcony high above Manhattan, looking out across a town that’s crawling with Spider-People. It’s a hazy day: New York smog.

NORMAN: The difference was, I actually had it… he had to make do with crude, synthetic copies.

Panel Four.

Even wider shot, showing more of the Spider-People swinging, wall-crawling, fighting, doing whatever a spider can. Norman continues to watch from his balcony in the distance.

NORMAN: But lack of genius is not Miles Warren’s greatest crime… that is lack of vision.

Panel Five.

Go back in towards Norman slightly but keep the shot wide. In the distance behind Norman’s penthouse, shapes begin to form in the haze. Lots of them. Approaching.

NORMAN: This town should never… could never… will never be a Spider-Island.

Panel Six.

The shapes take form as they approach Norman’s building like an army coming towards their general – hundreds of everyday New Yorkers riding Goblin Gliders, wearing Goblin masks.

NORMAN: I think ‘Goblin Island’ has a much better ring to it… don’t you?


  1. Surely this is how Slott's going to end the event anyway, right?

    So long as the first panels are all small and boxed, the last panel will have the room to breathe it needs. Not bad at all.

  2. Nice concept and as Ryan said a good contender for how the event may actually finish up.

  3. Loved it, Rol. Sounds exactly like Norman, and is an ending I would love to see.

  4. This is one of my favourite pages to appear on Thoughtballoons. So hats off to you Rol. It felt so right in tone, pace and style to the book. Wonderful work.

  5. Really exciting idea executed brilliantly. You've put together a real winner here.


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