Monday, September 19, 2011

Spider-Island – Too Many Dollars, Not Enough Spider-Sense – Ryan K Lindsay


1. New York, and it’s going Spider-Bananas. This panel is about a third of the page so feel free to drop a few Spider-Heroes/Villains into the mix as you deem fit. Seems pretty obvious to me Man-Thing would have the power and would just be hanging out on a wall doing nothing.
Caption: All my life I had everything.
Caption: Everything.
2. We see a little rich boy walking down a New York street. He’s a smaller lad but snooty looking. He wears a scarf and his haircut is expensive.
Caption: Envy of everyone. Fast cars. Flashy games. Rare food.
Caption: Turn down service daily.
3. The kid is looking behind him as if he either thinks he’s missing something cool or he’s about to get mugged.
Caption: All that stuff won’t buy me wall crawling powers. Or crazy web hands.
4. The kid is back to walking forward, he doesn’t see a piano above him about to crush him. This could be a very funny panel told from a flat side position.
Caption: Or this Spider-Sense I keep hearing about.

There is no one else for this script but Skottie Young.


  1. What does an expensive haircut look like exactly?

    Bonus points for including Man-Thing :)

  2. This is a neat one-pager, Ryan. Skottie Young would ace the script.

  3. That was fun, a made me smile at the end. There's a definite lack of falling pianos in today's comics world.

    Oh, and Danial: "What does an expensive haircut look like exactly?"

    Not mine.

  4. Only Ryan could make the (possible) horrendous death a cute affair. I admire that.

    Nice page.

  5. Darkly funny and with some really nice visuals. Really great finally panel. 4/5

  6. This page is the most fun. I actually imagined Skottie Young all over this before you even mentioned his name. Amazing.

    See also: love the title.


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