Sunday, September 11, 2011

Why Aztek: The Ultimate Man?

I remember Aztek dying.

It was in Grant Morrison’s final JLA arc; World War III. Aztek, the Ultimate Man, who’d been trained since birth for battle against Tezcatlipoca, sacrificed himself to enable Superman and rest of the League to save the world.

It was an abrupt end to a character I loved.

Granted, he wasn’t around long; created by Grant Morrison and Mark Millar, his series lasted a paltry ten issues (that’s not too bad in comparison to today’s standards, I suppose) and he was restricted to appearances in DC’s flagship title JLA. But Aztek was a character I started reading about when I first got into comics. He’s character I associate with my youth.

I’ve always hoped he’d return one day. Perhaps with DC’s new universe we may see Aztek again.

But not before Thoughtballoons is done with him.


  1. Aztek: The Ultimate Man – Man Made God – Shaun Richens.

    One page. Four panels.

    Panels 1,2 and 3 run along the top of the page and are all equally sized.
    Panel 4 takes up the rest of the page.

    1.A small space pod is heading through space towards earth.

    CAPTION: When it fell to earth people saw it as a god.

    2. Superman has just saved someone outside of the Daily Planet, a crowd of happy people clap and cheer for him as he smiles back to them.

    CAPTION: They looked to it with hope…

    3. Red square Russia, the streets are crowed with people, signs are held up that say “Down with the American Super man.” The banner is the focal point of the panel.

    This caption is at the top left of the panel
    CAPTION: Or in fear

    This caption is in the bottom right corner of the panel.
    CAPTION: But always with respect.
    CAPTION: But not I.

    4. Superman lies flat out on the ground, his nose bloody. He is looking up into the eyes of his attacker, into the eyes of AZTEK THE ULTIMATE MAN. Do what feels right to you with the location; it is more WHAT has happened not where.

    CAPTION: When the second god rose it was my doing. I showed the world what man could do with a god he creates.

    (The next page is a full page splash. It is set in the HQ of the Q Society. We see Aztek the ultimate man kneeling at the feet of Lex Luther, who has been our narrator for the whole page.)

  2. Very cool concept, Shaun. I love that line: "I showed the world what man could do with a God he creates." 4 stars.

  3. Nice concept and reveal of Luthor as the narrator. Solid page.


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