Sunday, September 18, 2011

Why Spider-Island?

Really? I have to spell this one out for you?

You have never wanted Spider-Man’s powers? You have never mimed getting up out of a chair by shooting a web from your wrist and pulling yourself up by it?

Or is that just me?

So, Spider-Island! What’s it all about? Put simply, the Jackal (yeah, that clone saga guy) has returned to the land of the living and has promptly released bio-engineered bugs which when bite people, give them the powers of our favourite friendly neighbourhood Webslinger.

Spider-Island gives both our tenured writers and you at home a huge range of options and possibilities. One could focus on Peter’s thoughts on living in a city full of similarly powered civilians, or on one of those civilians themselves. You could look at how the other heroes feel about having to battle usually common placed thugs who now have the proportionate strength of a spider, or how Mayor Jameson will put a positive spin on the situation. See what I did there?

Whichever way you go, just remember – they are teasing a Ben Reilly return..

P.S Dan Slott is one of the best Spidey writers in modern history. Read his stuff. Now. No, NOW!


  1. by: zu

    Full page of middle school kids swinging along the rafters, screaming manically through the air, flinging orbs at each other with unfettered glee and wide-eyed amazement. Think Skottie Young and we're there. Or if that doesn't work, dodgeball by way of Tribes 2, if that helps.

    In short: They're playing the dodgeball game we all imagined could be played, but were held down by physics. One page of the most epic game of dodgeball anywhere, ever.

    See above. If possible, shove the narration in the far left hand top corner of the page. Less text, more other things.
    CAP: …games of dodgeball were awesome!

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  3. Short, Sweet, and to the point. I love it. :-)

  4. zu - I love where your head is at. You use the page to create this Escher dodgeball sesh that would be amazing. It's the sort of thing I would have gone nuts for as a kid had I seen this page.

    I can remember, with my brothers, desinging a massive fort for these army teddy bear toys we wanted to design, and one of the rooms was this big cushioned wrestling room. It was unreal, and this brings out that childlike glee that comics need smetimes, and Spidey brings so perfectly...thanks.

  5. Short but a great visual that begs to be drawn.

    Good job!

  6. Well done, zu, that had me smiling. This week is going to make me smile a lot, I think. I wish I lived on Spider-Island.

  7. Zu, great page my man! You have captured that day dream we (possibly only me) had in high school - where you think how much cooler things would be with spider powers. Very well done.

  8. Spider – Island – Why Does Super Powers Mean Super Hero? – Shaun Richens.

    One Page. Two Panels. Each panel takes up half of the page.

    1. We are looking out across a busy, crowed New York City Street. All of the people we can see have Spider-man like powers. They are all using their new powers for fun or to make life a little easier, a hot dog vender is carrying his cart across the street to a better location, a young guy is trying to impress a group of teenage girls by hanging upside down by his webbing, a businessman in full suit swings down the street, briefcase in hand on his way to a meeting, a man and his son are climbing down the wall of their building to the street below. (Go nuts with what people are using their powers for, carrying a new sofa back to an apartment, young girls playing jump rope with webbing whatever.)

    2. We have pulled back to a rooftop over looking the crowed street scene below. Spiderman, his back to us, is perched on the edge of the rooftop observing everything that is going on.

    CAPTION SPIDER-MAN 1: When I got my powers I became a superhero.

    CAPTION SPIDER-MAN 2: When everyone else got theirs they use them for fun or to make life that little bit easier.

    CAPTION SPIDER-MAN 3: Why the hell didn’t I think to do that?


    Zu short, sweet and so wonderful. Great concept that captures a lot of fun and imagination into one page. I am kicking myself that I didn't think of it. Good stuff.

  9. The problem I have with your script, Shaun, is that Pete essentially did originally try to use his powers to make his life easier and he seems to use them for fun on a regular basis (well, kind of). The difference for him is in his origin story, Uncle Ben, and the whole power and responsibility thing.

    I could see the idea working for countless other characters in a similar situation, but your script just doesn't feel like it fits for Peter Parker.

  10. Mk thanks for the feedback. I totally see your points. I guess thats the hard thing with comics, no matter how much you may like the idea you have it may not fit for the character you are writing for. I am glad you at least liked the concept though. Perhaps i could refine it and use it for another character.

  11. @zu - Love it. It's a simple idea, but that's part of the genius. Tons of fun.

    @Shaun - It's true that this doesn't necessarily work as "in canon" Peter Parker, but damn if it didn't bring a smile to my face. And to be honest, all you'd really need to do is add one other person to be watching with Pete, and he's simply making a sarcastic quip to them. Problem solved!

  12. @Shaun - be damned if it can't work in continuity. This is just one page. The next page could have Petey state "Oh, yeah, I did. That was naive." Or, personally, I'd go with the next page showing a robbery and most of the people not doing anything and Pete saying/thinking, "Now I remember why it can't work. Let's hope just half of these people realise that this week."

    I liked this page and the concept of two girls shooting web at each other to make a skipping rope for the street is the greatest cinematic visual on the page. Nice stuff, man.

  13. Shaun - some fun visuals, and though I had the same problem as MK, Ryan talked me round. Somebody give Ryan a No-Prize.


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