Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cthulhu – The Tick vs. H.P. Lovecraft – MK Stangeland Jr.

(Cthulhu has successfully come to The City. The Tick has proven to be immune to the effects of such, however, on account of his simpler mindset and the fact that he’s kind of insane already. This has left him as one of the few citizens of The City not reduced to a bubbling idiot or whatever it is Cthulhu does to people.)


Panel 1: The setting is on the roof of THE TICK’s apartment building. ARTHUR has succumbed to the influence of CTHULHU. THE TICK holds ARTHUR by the shoulders as he looks at his sidekick in shock.

THE TICK: EGAD! Arthur! Not you too!

Panel 2: THE TICK shoves ARTHUR aside as he turns his attention to CTHULHU (Off-Panel). The force of this is greater than THE TICK intends, but it’s not enough to cause major damage to ARTHUR.

THE TICK: Don’t worry, Arthur! I’ll do everything I can to turn you back!

Panel 3: THE TICK begins to run towards CTHULHU, who can be seen poking its head up above the rooftops in another part of THE CITY, seemingly minding his own business.

THE TICK: If Hollywood has taught me anything, it’s that the only way to turn a zombie back into a person is by killing the head zombie! And to kill the head zombie, I have to destroy its brain!

Panel 4: THE TICK launches itself off a rooftop into the air.

THE TICK: Beware my justice, Giant King Zombie Monster! I’ve even prepared a means to feed it to you!

Panel 5: A long panel across the bottom of the page, showing the skyline as THE TICK leaps towards CTHULHU, who can be seen off at the edge of the panel. THE TICK himself is tiny in this panel on account of how small he is compared to THE CITY and CTHULHU, though his voice can be heard just fine.


CTHULU: (Tiny) ?


  1. Love it! Admittedly, this is as much a Tick page as it is a Cthulhu page, but that is fine by me. I feel like we can always use more Tick in our lives, and this is a great Tick script. Kudos.

  2. A strangely compelling and funny page. Great stuff. The ticks lines are just perfect. Loved how Cthulhu was used as a catalyst to set up a really cool Tick page.

  3. So stupidly fun. I dig it. Great framing for the final panel.

  4. I can see Bruce Campbell playing The Tick here. Made me smile a lot, MK.


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