Friday, October 7, 2011

Jimmy Olsen – Copy Editor – Ryan K Lindsay

The following is a complete front page from The Daily Planet. I won’t set it out in panels, I’ll set it out in articles. It’s something different. Enjoy.

THE DAILY PLANET banner runs across the top.
Forecast - Rain, Lots of it. Lotto #s - 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42


Main cover image – a building with windows blown out in a circle, the window in the middle is still intact and shows a room full of hostages with hands tied behind their backs and faces pressed to the glass. They are all crying.

Small article inset of image reads – A partygoer Tweeted, “New arrival looks messed up. Dripping water everywhere. Going to be a night.” The accompanying photo reveals what the man thought was a costume but may in fact be a rogue Atlantean now holding the entire party hostage. Details PAGE 4-5

Small photo accompanying article, still inset of image – a grainy iPhone 3 shot of a grey Atlantean shambling through the door. A waiter is trying to serve him a complimentary champagne.

Smaller article headline– Planet’s Own Lois Lane Wins Arm Wrestling Comp. Pics on P7

Smaller article headline - Superman Last Seen Underground. Luthor's Litany on P3

Advertisement – Be Superman’s Pal – Buy A Watch Today
Image of a smiling Jimmy Olsen cartoon giving a thumbs up

The next page would be Jimmy holding this newspaper, natch.

I really wanted to do something different on this one. I feel like it's a 5 star idea and I've delieverd it in true Three Star Rosenthal fashion (ha). I would use this as a recap page that is also part of the story. I tried to tie some things together, Superman is both out of the picture but can also be down there impacting on Atlantis in some way which opens up for him to zoom into the conclusion and help Jimmy out. Lois is showing some muscle, so perhaps she's punch an Atlantean. Argh...I just wish I had more time to break this one down.

Oh, and I know Daredevil is doing something similar right now.


  1. I really like the suggested composition here, Ryan. I think I'd just like to have seen more of the story in copy. And the tweet could have been stronger. As I think you acknowledge, there's a great page here... in development.

  2. Interesting approach and one that certainly fits in with the character.

    The concept of this as a recap page is great and it sets out the strands of the story quite nicely. Daredevil are doing something similar but I don't think it's as a recap, more in the middle of the actual narrative (almost as a bridging mechanism between scenes).

  3. Fantastic page! A recap page that tells a story.

    Oh, and I haven't hit 3 stars for quite a few weeks running, so neh neh.


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