Sunday, October 2, 2011

Jimmy Olsen - Love Hurts - Grant McLaughlin

Three rows of panels, each taking up a third of the page. The first two rows both have three panels, all of equal size. The last row is a stand alone panel, taking up the remainder of the page.

1 – Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane are walking down the street, carrying some bags and supplies. Jimmy has his arms crossed and visibly upset. Lois is calm and nonplussed, giving his displeasure no mind.

JIMMY: I can't believe you talked me into this.

LOIS: Jimmy, everyone from the Daily Planet is going to be there.

2 – Jimmy is getting animated, trying to argue his point. Lois will have none of it.

JIMMY: Well then why don't they wear the costume? Steve could do it. Or Clark. He could manage it if he just took of those glasses.

LOIS: Steve said no. And Clark's busy -

JIMMY (quietly): Clark's always busy.

LOIS: And besides, you already agreed to do this.

3 – Jimmy is in front of Lois, pointing at her casually. For some reason he's under the impression that what he's about to say will make things better.

JIMMY: To be fair, I wasn't really listening when you suggested it.

4 – A shot of only Lois. She is glaring in the direction of panel 5. No dialogue.

5 – A shot of Jimmy. He is apprehensive, backed in a figurative corner. He has his hands in the air, miming surrender. He is faced in the direction of panel 4.

JIMMY: All right, all right. I'll do it, but I just want you to know that this is going to be embarrassing for all of us.

6 – Back to Lois. She wears a sly grin.

LOIS: I don't know about that, Jimmy.

7 – A convention-type situation. Feel free to include as many of the Daily Planet's staff as you want (except for Clark, who is busy). They are set up in a booth with a large banner that reads “You'll love the Daily Planet's Valentine Day's subscription sale!”. The booth is decorated in various Valentine's Day paraphernalia: hearts, pink, and so forth. There's a table where Lois (and perhaps a few others) are set up, taking down people's information and so forth. Finally, standing on the table is a rather unhappy Jimmy Olsen, wearing an ill-fitting Cupid costume. He looks rather miserable, half-heatedly doing some type of Cupid pose. Aiming his bow or something. Many onlookers smirk derisively in his direction, including a very obvious Steve Lombard.

CAPTION (LOIS): ...I'd say it will mostly be embarrassing for you.


  1. Jimmy stating he wasn't even listening is hilarious. Lois' final playful line is also fantastic. THis page zipped along, now we just need to get Stuart Immonen to draw it. Hmmm...

  2. Very funny, nicely done. Poor Jimmy. XD

  3. Nice page with a very Olsen-esque last panel.

    Excellent dialogue between Lois and Jimmy too.

  4. Really funny page with well written dialogue, but for me its your page layout which is at its very best here, the panel layout of the set up in 3 to the well positioned characters in 4 and 5 would look amazing on the page. Also damn that last panel has such a strong visual.

  5. Great page Grant. Loved the Clark without his glasses line, along with the "Clark is always busy" one.

  6. Great dialogue here, Grant. This script also had a timeless feel. I could see Lois as either Margot Kidder or Erica Durance...


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