Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Jimmy Olsen - More Snakes Than Ladders - Rol Hirst

Panel One.

Jimmy Olsen is as tall as the Daily Planet building. His skin is purple with yellow spots and he has Chameleon Boy style antennae. His familiar geek-chic clothes are torn and dirty but his bowtie is intact (if wonky). He’s being fired upon by tiny spaceships filled with alien invaders. He’s trying to stop them while also keeping the property damage to a minimum. Chloe Sullivan is standing on the roof of the Daily Planet building, shouting at him. She looks cute but mad.

Chloe: Careful, Jimmy – you nearly stepped on another taxi cab!

Jimmy: Hey, Chloe, it’s kinda difficult watching your footing when you’re a gazillion feet tall and being blasted to bupkis by a fleet of Lepre-Borgs!

Jimmy: Oww! Stop that!

Panel Two.

Jimmy Olsen sits up in bed, suddenly awake following a nightmare. He’s wearing cool silk pyjamas. This is the new look Jimmy – reddy-brown hair cut all Bieberish, no freckles, not the Jimmy we knew… nor the one we were watching in the previous panel. He looks shocked, sweating, freaked out.

Jimmy: Woah!

Jimmy: Not again. That’s every night this week.

SFX: Knock-knock-knock! Knock-knock-knock!

Panel Three.

Jimmy gets up and heads out of the bedroom towards the front door of his apartment. He’s running a hand through his hair, trying to wake himself up properly.

Jimmy: Horrible, horrible… why do I keep dreaming… I’m a ginger!?

Jimmy: The girl’s cute though. I wonder…


Jimmy: Alright – I’m coming!

Panel Four.

Jimmy opens the door to find the Psycho Pirate, in full costume. He’s holding out a hand, a look of terror on his face.

Jimmy: Who?

Psycho Pirate: It’s happened again! Why does it keep on happening? You remember, don’t you? Tell me you remember?

Psycho Pirate: You were a success – you were making something of your life – you were happy. Why did they take all that away from you again?

Psycho Pirate: Why do they always take it away?

Panel Five.

Jimmy cover his face with a hand: an "oh brother!" expression.

Psycho Pirate (off-panel): The new 52! The new 52!

CAP (Jimmy): Great. Now the nutjobs can't even wait till I get to work. My life sucks...


  1. Cool page. A lot of nice visuals going on as well as a really great sense of humor throughout.

  2. Ahahahaha - LOVE IT! As a fellow ginger I can understand Jimmy's horror at dreaming that he was once again one amongst the ranga rank.

  3. Some cool visuals which harken back to some of Jimmy's zanier outings with a nice twist of humour at the end (and you included Psycho Pirate!).

  4. Oh man, this script is the perfect amount of metatextual. The development is well-paced, and the reveal of Psycho Pirate is perfect. I wish this is where the New 52 was going...

  5. Grant Morrison's Animal Man is my favourite DC comic. This just seemed like an appropriate time to pay homage to that, and Jimmy seemed like the sort of person the Psycho Pirate would choose to share his knowledge with.


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