Monday, October 3, 2011

Jimmy Olsen - Old New School - Ben Rosenthal

1. The iconic image of Clark Kent opening his suit shirt to reveal the Superman costume underneath.

2. This panel revels that the image in the previous panel is actually a photo. A hand is holding the photo. A watch-like device is visible on the hand’s wrist.

JIMMY OLSEN (off panel)

Oh man.

3. A shot of Jimmy Olsen’s face from front on. He is looking at the photo he has had printed out. The hand that is not holding the photo is resting on his forehead. Jimmy is conflicted.


4. We are looking at the photo once again, but further back than in Panel 2. We can now see the photo, Jimmy’s hand holding the photo and the watch-like device on his wrist. We can also see on the table a note pad and pencil, and Jimmy’s mobile phone, which is ringing. We can see than name of the caller on the mobile screen: Lois.


JIMMY OLSEN (off panel)



  1. I absolutely love this one, Ben. It's so sparse on the dialogue, leaving the images to do the heavy lifting, and they do it perfectly. So good.

  2. This one appears so simple, and yet the apparent monotony is actually just building dread and doom. Very nicely played, man.

  3. Nice little page, the images carry a lot of weight and the dialogue whilst sparse is just right for the page.

  4. I think Ryan said it best here. The page builds so well, and you've crafted a tangible atmosphere of rising tension and dread.

    Well played!

  5. A really simple idea, executed perfectly. A very visual page, you describe Jimmy's reaction so well here, Ben.


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