Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rocket Raccoon & Groot - The Ballad of Groot - Rol Hirst

In response to Ben's post...

Panel One.

Close on Rocket Raccoon (head only). He’s holding a microphone, talking straight to the camera.

Rocket: Laydeez and gentlemen… Ovoids, H’ylthri and Poppupians… please put your hands, claws, flippers, twigs and sphincters together for our next performer…

Panel Two.

Pull out to reveal Rocket Raccoon is on a stage in the corner of a packed space-bar (think Star Wars Cantina). A variety of alien races sit at tables before him, drinking a disgusting array of space cocktails. Behind him, on the stage, Groot sits on a stool, holding an acoustic guitar.

Rocket: Direct from Planet X, via the Negative Zone, Monster Island and the Pine Barrens of New Jersey…

Rocket: This is ‘The Ballad of Groot’!

Panel Three.

Rocket flies off stage left while Groot starts playing the guitar.

Mellifluous musical notes drift out across the audience.

Panel Four.

While Groot continues playing, we pan around the audience. They are captivated by Groot’s music. The notation continues to drift through the air.

Panel Five.

Wide shot of the stage with Groot still playing the guitar, music continuing to drift across the room, the entire audience rapt. While he plays, Groot reaches out a tendril to grab the microphone stand.

Panel Six.

Having pulled the microphone closer to his face, Groot now bellows out the lyrics…

Groot: I AM GROOT!

Panel Seven.

Close on two aliens, a M’Ndavian and a Watcher, sitting at a table in the corner, staring in admiration at the stage while sipping on their cocktails.

M’Ndavian: Man, that’s, like, so deep.

Watcher: You’ve no idea… I saw how long he worked on those lyrics.


  1. Sounds like a punk song to me.

    An interesting concept, Rol. Pretty neatly delivered, too.

  2. Nice page, Rol and I liked that you incorporated the concept of the "I am Groot" line meaning more than what it appears to.

    Also, Groot and Man-Thing need to form some kind of musical duo.

  3. Classic set up and punchline. I particularly enjoy the exchange between the M'Ndavian and the Watcher. Are all M'Ndavian's pretentious music snobs?

  4. Not just did you incorporate the bonus of "what does 'I am Groot' mean?", I like that you also hinted at the rest of his surprisingly long comic history as well via the introduction.

    Writing wise it's simple, and would probably rely heavily on the art, but it still works regardless of who would draw it (even if they're only half decent, though that would be a major shame). I very much like.


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