Sunday, October 16, 2011

Rocket Raccoon & Groot – Would the Real Groot Please Stand Up? – MK Stangeland Jr.

Rocket Raccoon and Groot have just finished cleaning up a Badoon outpost, though the fight left Groot literally in pieces.

(7 Panels)

Panel 1: ROCKET RACCOON peers over a small ledge to where the pieces of what used to be GROOT are scattered across the ground.

ROCKET RACCOON: Groot! Buddy! Say something!

Panel 2: Small panel, close-up on the various GROOT splinters as they begin to move.

Panel 3: Like panel 2, this is a small panel. The GROOT splinters take on a humanoid form, each one resembling some form of miniature GROOT. They pick themselves up.

Panel 4: ROCKET RACCOON is thrilled to see that his friend is still alive.


ROCKET RACCOON (2): I knew I could count on you to…

Panel 5: ROCKET RACCOON has a worried look upon his face as he realizes just how many miniature GROOTs there really are.

ROCKET RACCOON (1): Wow…usually there’s not this many.

ROCKET RACCOON (2): So which one of you is the Groot?

Panel 6: Some of the mini GROOTs have their hands in the air.

GROOT 1: I am Groot!

GROOT 2: I am Groot!

GROOT 3: I am Groot!

Panel 7: ROCKET RACCOON is noticeably concerned as he considers the implications of his situation. Off-panel, we can ‘hear’ other GROOTs join in on the ‘I am Groot’ chorus.




  1. That was fun. It also gave me an idea for an "I am Spartacus!" script... but too late as I've just written my effort for this week.

  2. Another script with some great imagery (I guess these characters lend themselves to it).

    Solid page with a humorous edge.

  3. I got more of an Evil Dead Ash vibe from this. Which is definitely cool.

  4. I'm with Ryan, definitely an Army of Darkness vibe going on. Although I am not sure that is what you intended, is it? Perhaps Ryan and I have just seen that film too many times. Or perhaps not enough.

  5. I can't say I aimed for an Evil Dead or AoD vibe, though I suppose it works for me if it works for you. I actually had Spartacus on my mind when I was putting all the 'I am Groot's together, so props to Rol for picking up on that (after a fashion at least).


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