Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Static– Breaking Bad Timing – Ryan K Lindsay


1. Static is raised off the ground in a massive hero pose. He’s putting everything he’s got into sending out an EMP (electro-magnetic pulse). This pulse should be echoing out from him in a circular fashion – however you can make that happen :) The surrounding street, full of apartment buildings, is losing all power. Hitting the ground in front of Static, after a very long fight, is Livewire. She is being knocked down, and powered down due to the EMP. She is losing her powers, perhaps becoming just an ordinary human – we don’t know yet but we know she’s not electric anymore.

2. Static is bent over, hands on his knees, he’s pretty worn out. Livewire is comatose on the ground in front of him.
Static: You left me no choice, dammit.

3. A guy sticks his head out the window of a nearby apartment. All the lights are off, there’s no electricity in a pretty wide radius.
Guy: C’mon, man, it’s the Breaking Bad finale. What am I s’posed to do now, ya jerk?

4. Static stands there with his hands on his head, he’s tired and a little bewildered. Windows are opening up all over the building, people shaking fists, a tomato sails through the air at Static.
Static: You’d be dead if I didn’t stop her, you know?
Guy: I’d rather be dead than miss the show, you know?
Static: {sigh}

Alright, no spoilers on this one because I'm only just catching up on Breaking Bad and I'm only into the second season. Also, I've been away on holidays and hatched this whole thing in about 30 minutes, which I'm quietly proud of. Enjoy.


  1. This seems like such a Spider-Man/Peter Parker moment: Static saves the day and gets dissed for screwing up TV reception.

  2. Kind of exactly what I was going for. It felt like a fun moment. Topical, too.

  3. An extremely good use of 30 minutes, if you ask me.

  4. The "ya jerk" made that line. Awesome work for 30 mins.

  5. This is a great page.

    The dialogue of the angry guy is pitch perfect. As Mark said this has a very old school spidey feel to it.

    The Breaking Bad finale was worth the wait by the way. I'd be annoyed if I'd had to have delayed watching it.

  6. Ryan "I can write a script in 30 minutes" Lindsay this is a strong page. Opening with big superhero moment and then diving into the real world hard with jerks and tv shows. Well paced and structured with two really cool moments. Next week give yourself an hour see what you can really do. :)

  7. You certainly know how to get the most out of your time. This page reads really well and would be something I'd be happy to come across in the pages of the actual comic. Nice stuff.


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