Saturday, October 15, 2011

Static Shock – AC/DC – MK Stangeland Jr.

(5 Panels)

Panel 1: STATIC flips his flying disk around with his feet (similar to how a skateboarder would do a kickflip) causing the far end to hit LIVEWIRE under the chin.

STATIC: Look Lively!

SFX: Zzz-gkong!


Panel 2: Close-up on LIVEWIRE’s chin as the board connects, showing some kind of electrostatic cling connection being made.


Panel 3: As the board flips around, LIVEWIRE gets dragged with it, and it should be clear that moving along her current path is about to cause her to impact with STATIC. STATIC is noticeably unprepared for this turn of events, leaving him unable to do anything but wait for the imminent collision.

STATIC: What the…!?

Panel 4: STATIC and LIVEWIRE impact with one another, though LIVEWIRE goes through STATIC. The result is a giant electrical surge that hurts both. STATIC is shown with his skeleton lighting up much like you see when someone is electrocuted, while LIVEWIRE is shown with an electrical lighting bolt stick-figure running inside her frame since she really doesn’t have a real skeletal structure anymore. The background should be lit up as a result of the electrical charge they’re causing.



Panel 5: Short panel that stretches across the bottom of the page as both LIVEWIRE and STATIC fall to the ground. Both are alive, but they’re singed and half-way unconscious.


(As much as it might look like it, this isn’t intended to be any kind of prequel to Ryan’s page. I am, however, amused by how we both thought that pitting Livewire against Static would be a good idea on some level.)

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  1. It's a pity we generally try to void cross-company crossovers here as it'd be fun to see Static vs. Electro.


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