Monday, October 10, 2011

Static Shock – Fundamental Interactions - Ben Rosenthal

Just a bit of house keeping - firstly, you may want to brush up on knowledge of particle physics so you know what I'm getting at here. Secondly, Panels 3-6 should all appear on the same line, and be the same size.

1. Virgil Hawkins, in his Static costume is coming to after being knocked unconscious. His hand is to his head as he tries to get his bearings. The background is not too descriptive, but does resemble a science lab.


Wha...where am I?

VOICE (off panel)

It isn't obvious to you?

2. We are seeing this panel from behind Static. He is looking up to see Deathstorm (Professor Stein) standing before him. Suspended high above Deathstorm are the costumed heroes The Ray, Geo-Force and the two men who make up Firestorm – Jason Rusch and Ronnie Raymond.


Somebody hasn't been doing their physics homework.

3. A close up of the unconscious Geo-Force suspended in the science lab.



4. A close up of the unconscious Jason Rusch and Ronnie Redmond suspended in the science lab.


Both a strong nuclear force--

5. A close up of the unconscious Ray suspended in the science lab.


--and a weak.

6. A close up of the confused and somewhat scared Static.


And of course, electromagnetism.

7. Back to a similar framing of Panel 2. However Static is now standing, ready to battle. Deathstorm towers above him, looking imposing.


You select few make up the basic building blocks of the universe.

And by harnessing your powers, I can end it.


  1. Hey there, first time commentator.

    Looks like a promising start. One thought comes to mind, though: why isn't Static floating like the rest of the heroes? Depending on where you go with that idea, maybe it could lead to some interesting possibilities.

  2. Wow. Why didn't nobody tell me we've got Stephen Hawking writing for thoughtballoons now?

  3. @Mark - gooooooood point. Let's just say that after he was kidnapped Deathstorm had to use the bathroom before he hung him up, so just gently placed him on the ground.

    @Rol - Meh, it's a very simplistic grasp. Oh, wait - sarcasm. I gotchya.

  4. Science is fun!

    This is a good, solid page with a nice premise to it. I can only comment on the structure and pace of the scene as I'm not familiar with any of the characters here really.

    It makes me want to re-read 'The Physics of Superheroes' again though.

  5. Mark makes a good point as to why isn't static hung up as well. Other than that though, enjoyed the page a lot. Cool to see so many heroes in one page and to have quite a solid science idea backing up the page. Cool stuff.

  6. My inner English Major is terrified by this page. Was not prepared for it, but a really good combination of DC heroes and science. It's doubly impressive because it also makes for a super interesting hook. Definitely want to know how this one would play out.


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