Sunday, October 9, 2011

Static Shock - Magnets, How Do They Work? - Maxy Barnard

Premise: The return of a fun concept from Morrison's JLA run, transferred from Blue Superman to Static, presented through the filter of Milestone's thinly veiled references to their universe and creator's place in the universe and treatment thereof. So pretentious, derivative, but at least I've managed to post it eventually.

This page/scene occurs just after Mister Terrific has told Static of his gargantuan task.


STATIC is standing out on a grey expanse (it's the moon!) with MISTER TERRIFIC, whose T-balls (is that what they're called? Filth!) ar flitting back and forth between two gigantic, off-panel tesla coils.

STATIC: You want me to do WHAT?

TERRIFIC: If anyone can, it's you.

Close on STATIC, looking down at his feet, teeth gritted, yet his eyes are more sad than angry.

STATIC: Don't tell me that! No-one can stand this pressure, man.

STATIC is now looking up and yelling.

STATIC: It's too much!

MISTER TERRIFIC has put his hand on STATIC's shoulder, supporting him and looking him directly in the eyes.

TERRIFIC: Look, Virgil, I know what it's like. To have so much difficult stuff going on, and only adding more. It makes it harder to do the small things.

TERRIFIC: But believe me when I tell you; something like this? Something bigger than anything else?

Close on MISTER TERRIFIC as he looks directly at the reader (STATIC's POV).

TERRIFIC: Something this big... When it's beyond anything you've done before, it can break you in the right way. And be as easy as breathing.

Long-distance shot of STATIC and MISTER TERRIFIC standing on the moon, between the two huge tesla coils, both looking up into space.

TERRIFIC: Pep talk over. You ready to stop the universe collapsing in on itself already?

STATIC: Well, when you soliloquise like that, how can a guy say no?


  1. I really kind of loved this page. Its big bombastic comic pulp, yet with a few panels of nice character interactions to balance out the whole being on the moon saving the universe stuff. Sometimes I just need to read a big hero book like this. :)

  2. First, darn you for stealing the title I'm sure everyone was thinking of using (or maybe it was just me).

    That out of the way, I like the page. Mister Terrific gives a pretty fine speech here, and it's a nice moment between two characters who don't always get that much face time. Also, that last shot is awesome. Thumbs up.


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