Saturday, October 8, 2011

Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen – Jimmy and Kal-El – By MK Stangeland Jr.

(For the best mental image of this script, picture it as being drawn by either Bill Watterson or Art Baltazar and Franco Aureliani.)


Panel 1: JIMMY OLSEN is writing something on a cardboard box with a marker. SUPERMAN lands on the ground next to him.

SUPERMAN: Hello, Jimmy! What are you working on so intently?

SFX: (From marker writing on box) Squeek squeek squeek.

Panel 2: JIMMY OLSON holds up the box in front of him.

JIMMY OLSON: I finally figured out a way to discover your secret identity, Superman!


JIMMY OLSON: Not just any box, a magic box!

Panel 3: Close up on the box and JIMMY OLSON pointing to the word ‘Superman’ that’s written on the side with an arrow pointing to it.

JIMMY OLSON: When I push my special magic button, it’s going to turn me into you! And then your secret identity is all but mine!

Panel 4: JIMMY OLSON holds his magic box over his head and lets it drop on top of him.

SFX: (From JIMMY OLSON) He, he, he

JIMMY OLSON: It’s foolproof! And there’s nothing you can do to stop me!

Panel 5: Double panel, with the top half showing a close-up on SUPERMAN’s eyes and the bottom half matching the first, except that SUPERMAN’s eyes are red to indicate he’s about to use his laser vision.

Panel 6: Double panel. The top half shows SUPERMAN’s lasers writing something on the box in front of the word ‘Superman’. The bottom half shows that the arrow on the box now reads ‘NOT Superman’.

Panel 7: JIMMY OLSEN takes the box off of him. He now looks like BIZZARRO by way of JIMMY OLSON.

Panel 8: The BIZZARRO/JIMMY OLSEN hybrid stands in the same place, with the box behind him and SUPERMAN hovering above the ground next to him.

JIMMY OLSEN: Me Jimmy no think that didn’t work like it was supposed to.



  1. That's got a wonderful old skool vibe to it, MK. I loved it. Even though you did spell Jimmy's surname wrong throughout most of the post.

  2. @ Rol - Dang, I thought I fixed all of those.

  3. A great fun page. I enjoyed it, which says a lot of a comic starring Superman.


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