Saturday, October 29, 2011

Wile E. Coyote – aPad – MK Stangeland Jr.

(7 Panels)

Panel 1: A computer screen showing the website for ACME.NET as WILE E. COYOTE prepares to purchase an ACME Portable Wormhole Rifle (essentially an ACME off-brand portal gun). To the side is a ‘SHIP IT NOW!’ Button. Underneath the button are the words ‘Have it delivered to your exact location!’

Panel 2: WILE E. is shown to be holding a portable ACME off-brand iPad that has ‘aPad’ written on the back. WILE E. looks happy about the ‘SHIP IT NOW!’ button and pushes it.

Panel 3: WILE E. has a sinister look on his face as he rubs his hands together and thinks about how he’ll FINALLY catch that road runner (which, of course, is NEVER going to happen). He fails to notice a small box-shaped shadow has formed on the ground under his feet.

Panel 4: WILE E. stops and looks up as he realizes something is wrong. The shadow on the ground is much larger.

Panel 5: A large metal box, far bigger that would be necessary for the product inside, lands where WILE E. previously was standing and kicks up all sorts of dust and sand. WILE E. stands just to the side with eyes open wide as if he’s just barely stepped out of the way of being crushed by the metal box and was missed by just a hair.


Panel 6: WILE E. takes a huge sigh of relief as he wipes sweat from his brow. The dust begins to settle.

Panel 7: The side of the large metal box opens up to fall on top of WILE E. and crush him. We don’t see what’s inside the box, however. Only WILE E.’s arm can bee seen poking out from underneath. The forearm is pointed up from the ground and the aPad is flipping around in the air right above WILE E.’s hand, indicating that it is falling out of the poor Coyote’s hand after he’s been crushed.



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  1. I usually find that introducing modern tech into classic cartoons spoils the mood... but I think you got away with this one, MK. ACME allows for all kinds of crazy possibilities.


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