Saturday, November 26, 2011

Barry Allen – The Flash: Earth One – MK Stangeland Jr.

BARRY ALLEN and IRIS WEST-ALLEN are in a police laboratory that looks like its seen better days.
(5 Panels)
Panel 1: BARRY ALLEN walks across the laboratory floor as he heads for a computerized machine. IRIS WEST-ALLEN is right behind him.
BARRY ALLEN: Wally may have completed the experiment that turned him into The Flash, but it was my research he used as a foundation.
Panel 2: BARRY ALLEN leans up to the machine and retrieves a mysterious looking vial.
BARRY ALLEN: I wanted to make sure his powers weren’t going to do more harm to him than good, and in the process, I was able to created this formula.
Panel 3: BARRY ALLEN holds up a vial filled with a reddish liquid.
BARRY ALLEN: This “Speed Force” should allow me to copy Wally’s powers in their entirety, at least temporarily. Hopefully, long enough to turn things around.
Panel 4: BARRY ALLEN and IRIS WEST-ALLEN head towards another set of machines.
IRIS WEST-ALLEN: But that Zoom person already beat Wally. Not to mention doing who knows what to that old friend of his. And Wally actually knew how to use his powers. How do you expect to beat him?
Panel 5: BARRY ALLEN hooks up the red vial to one of the machines.
BARRY ALLEN: I don’t have to beat him, not on my own. That’s why my first goal is to save Wally
This is part of my own idea on what The Flash might look like if I were given the job of writing the Earth One graphic novels for the character (in line with the already written Superman: Earth One and the upcoming Batman: Earth One).
In it, Wally West actually becomes The Flash first, with uncle Barry Allen having served as a powerless metor-type character and Wally’s own personal Commissioner Gordon with more emphasis being put on Barry’s brain as a police scientist than his power of RUNSFAST. The scene above is something that would take place in a potential follow-up book where the above is a result of him having studied Wally’s own powers to see how they work and things getting particularly bad.


  1. But if this is an Earth One book, where is Barry's hoodie?

    I like this page, it builds really solidly to the final panel. There's something simply easy about this, it sets up and does so exceedingly well. Nice.

  2. Interesting concept/set-up and a nice page. Nothing flashy (ha!) but solid dialogue and pacing all the way through.


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