Saturday, November 12, 2011

Commissioner Gordon – The Real Problem – MK Stangeland Jr.

(6 Panels)

Panel 1: COMMISSIONER GORDON and BATMAN (BRUCE WAYNE) stand next to an active Bat-signal. COMMISSIONER GORDON hands three to five file folders to BATMAN. We have an opportunity to see what’s written on some of the tabs, which have the names of some of Batman’s enemies on them, such as ‘JOKER’ and ‘SCARECROW’.

GORDON: I went through the Department’s records. Put these files together myself. I have more if necessary.

BATMAN: What are they?

GORDON: Something that we somehow overlooked.

Panel 2: BATMAN has the first file open, though the angle of the panel only allows the reader to see the backs of the pile of folders that BATMAN is holding.

GORDON: It’s a rough assessment of how many times some of Arkham’s worst have escaped custody and the amount of damage they’ve caused each time they’ve done it.

Panel 3: GORDON hangs his head in shame as he thinks about how long the matter has managed to escape him.

GORDON (1): I had someone ask me a question the other day.

GORDON (2): “What about next time?”

GORDON (3): It made me realize that for all the good you’ve done over the years, Arkham has been the one major problem you’ve never solved.

Panel 4: GORDON looks back up at BATMAN. BATMAN’s closed the folder as he looks at GORDON in order to give the Commissioner his full attention, though his face betrays nothing about what’s going on inside his head.

GORDON (1): The law allows them the protection of the insanity plea.

GORDON (2): Our own moral codes keep us from seeing to it that they meet with any unfortunate accidents.

Panel 5: Close up on BATMAN’s face.

BATMAN: What are you asking for?

Panel 6: Panel focuses on GORDON.

GORDON: I want you to ask Mr. Wayne if, before he starts funding even more Batman, perhaps could think about funding a replacement for Arkham.



  1. Holy moley - damn killer concept. In a comic this would definitely have to take up 2-3 pages to hold some weight. You've done very well to condense it to one page and still give all the information and also pack a punch. Nice.

  2. Genius idea, MK - though I suspect it's the kind of real world solution that might break the Arkham concept if applied. Unless the application was such a disaster that... wow, I'm suddenly seeing a hell of a lot of story potential here.


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