Monday, November 7, 2011

Commissioner Jim Gordon - Ends and Means - Ben Rosenthal

1. Commissioner Jim Gordon stands on a roof top, wind blowing his trench coat as he looks out over Gotham.


I believe in justice. As the top cop in the city, I need to.

2. A close up of Commissioner Gordon’s face, his eyes tight as he thinks.


I need to believe that my boys are the best. That they can handle whatever this insane city can throw at them.

In reality, I know that isn't the case.

3. Commissioner Gordon has turned to face two police officers, giving them an order.


They need help. I got them that help.


Ok, fire it up.

4. Same as Panel 1, but the Bat-Signal is reflecting off the clouds. Commissioner Gordon’s head hangs slightly.


And I hate myself for it.


  1. I love the simplicity of this script, Ben. You’ve captured a facet of Gordon’s personality so eloquently in such a constrained space. I’m not sure I like the phrase “top cop,” though. I can’t quite explain why. But that random grumble can’t take away from a brilliant piece. Top stuff, man.

  2. Commissioner Jim Gordon - Flash Gordon - James Lindsay

    Page is broken into two rectangles. One on top of the other.

    1. Commissioner Gordon is talking to someone off page.

    Caption (Commissioner Gordon)

    I'm sick of being let down in this god forsaken place. I just want to go to bed at night knowing there is something I can rely on!

    2. A sales clerk is handing Commissioner Gordon a box (Gotham Flood Lighting)

    Caption (Clerk)

    This has a high lumen to watt ratio sir.

    Caption (Commissioner Gordon)

    You better hope so son, Gotham is depending on you!!

  3. @Ben - this is a really introspective piece. I like it. Smart keeping it simple.

    @James - That made me laugh pretty hard. Two panels was a smart choice.

  4. Nice script with a good insight into Gordon's head.

    @James. Now we just need to know where he got the bat shape/stencil from.

  5. I'd have to agree with Sime on this one, that "top cop" sounds... off. Other than that, it was indeed a nice, tight, introspective page.

  6. @ Lindsay - Well played. We could use more of these comedic follow up scripts every once in a while.

  7. @Ben - Great idea and a better execution. I'll echo the aversion to "top cop" - I just don't see Gordon self-identifying as such - but apart from that, this is a really good look at one facet of the Gordon - Batman relationship.

    @James - I clearly do not know enough about lights, because it took me a moment to figure out what the clerk was talking about, but once I got it, it made for a pretty good laugh.

  8. @ Ben. Other than slight wording things that didn't feel totally perfect this was an amazing one page script, strong powerful visuals through out and all so tightly put together. Great stuff. It felt so filmic and had so much impact. Would love to see this on the page.

    @ James. I did not expect to see a comedy take on the character this week, but you pulled it off with flair and wit. Really strong one page script. Nice stuff.

  9. Thank ye all.

    To be honest, the 'top cop' line was simply put in to show Jim's age. In my mind he shouldn't be hip or cool, thinking in a lame-dad type of way.

    @James - HA!


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