Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Commissioner Jim Gordon – Hard Night – Ryan K Lindsay


1. Jim Gordon sits in a chair, his back to us. He’s on the roof of the GCPD but we only see a piece of this.
Caption-Gordon: My muscles ache.
Caption-Gordon: My brain is fried.
Caption-Gordon: My gun only has two bullets left in it.

2. We’ve moved back a bit to see more of the rooftop, Gordon hasn’t moved.
Caption-Gordon: I haven’t slept since Wednesday.
Caption-Gordon: The scotch is kicking in.
Caption-Gordon: Guess I have to get up.

3. We’re far enough back now to see the Bat Signal next to Gordon, though it’s not on.
Caption-Gordon: That damn daughter of mine won’t pick herself up from the prom.

4. Gordon is up and walking toward us, away from the Bat Signal which is now on.
Caption-Gordon: And I certainly don’t trust that Grayson character to drop her home on time.


  1. You missed the final and fifth panel.

    A shot of Grayson's car parked under a tree with two ankles hanging out the window .

    Not where I thought you were going but I liked it!!!!

  2. A profile of a workaholic. Nice.

    The "That damn daughter of mine" line threw me. Are you implying that Gordon doesn't like his life? Is sick of it? Envious of Batman's life?

  3. @Ben - more just that any man who has put up with a daughter getting ready for prom is probably already at the end of his tether not to mention then also coordinating his job, Batman, and Gotham. It's frustration leaking out, nothing serious.

    @James - cheap laugh. Effective, but cheap :)

  4. So does Batman chaperone in his spare time? :)

  5. Yeah, you're right at home on this page, Ryan.

  6. This is probably one of my favorite scripts/concepts I've seen from you, at least that I can remember. I love the implications coming out of this, and makes me think it's a shame Gordon isn't more familiar with his daughters double-life.


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