Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Doctor Who - Daleks Are Cool - Rol Hirst

Panel One.

A UK city street: not London, because far too much attention is given to London. Manchester, Leeds, or Newcastle. It’s a scene of carnage and chaos anyway. In the foreground, the Doctor crouches in front of a burning car. Laser beams are firing over the top of the car from some unseen assailant. The Doctor is explaining the situation to a pretty young woman in army fatigues. We’ll call her Gabrielle. She may become the Doctor’s new assistant… if she survives that long.

The Doctor: So, to recap: they’re my oldest, deadliest enemy.

The Doctor: The most truly malevolent force in the universe.

The Doctor: They exist only to destroy. To kill every single life-form they encounter. To—

Panel Two.

Close up on a Dalek, firing straight at us. The top of the panel cuts off the top of the Dalek’s head – we can see only the bottom half of it’s “sink plunger” eye as it stares our way.


Panel Three.

Back to the Doctor, still crouched behind the burning car. He’s pointing his thumb back over his shoulder in the direction of the attacking Dalek (off-panel). He gives a comical shrug.

The Doctor: (Sigh.) What he said.

Panel Four.

The Doctor continues to explain...

The Doctor: The thing is, I’ve encountered many, many Daleks over the years. And I’ve had to deal with them – in ways I’d rather not go into right now.

The Doctor: But this Dalek… for all its homicidal malice and outright stroppiness… it’s different.

Panel Five.

The car they’re hiding behind explodes under Dalek fire and the Doctor and his would be assistant are forced to run for their lives. Now we can see the full Dalek… and we can see why the Doctor has taken a liking to it. On top of its dome, the Dalek is wearing a certain Turkish hat...


The Doctor: It's wearing a fez!

The Doctor: And fezzes are cool!

(For the non-Whovians among you, this might help.)


  1. Maybe the Doctor could get a new Fez of his own and give the two something in common. Then maybe they wouldn't have to be mortal enemies anymore. Or is a not-entirely-evil Dalek too much to hope for?

  2. Awesome.

    Completely captures the off-skew humour I love about this series.

  3. I think this explains why I don't watch Dr Who :P

    A nifty little page. Kind of makes the Daleks feel more lame, though. Or more fez bad ass, one or the other.

  4. Hilarious. Although I'm still new to this Doctor Who thing, this page reads like the show, and that fez joke is great with context.


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