Thursday, November 17, 2011

Doctor Who - Eroica - Matt Duarte

Doctor Who in "Eroica" by Matt Duarte

Hello everybody! Breaking my radio silence to post a Doctor Who script. Truth be told, I have never watched the show, and I have only read one comic in which he starred, but I got an idea into my head for a script that needed to get out and this is the result. Hopefully I'll do him some justice.

Panel 1

Description: A large manor seen from outside. Gardens decorate the outsides. People are walking in and out of the manor, but we can see a man in particular walking towards the main entrance, with a big scarf trailing behind him. His outfit is particularly anachronistic as it doesn't look anything like what the rest of the people are wearing.

CAPTION: Bonn, Germany. 1770.

Panel 2

Description: A young woman is holding a young baby, almost newborn, in her arms. She looks worried and is perhaps cuddling the child with more than love, a certain fear that if she lets go, something terrible will happen. Her name is Maria.

MARIA: Thank you for coming on such short notice, Doctor.

MARIA: The matrons are quite worried...

Panel 3

Description: We can see the hands of a man, wearing a business suit, grabbing the baby away from her. She is reluctantly letting go of him but without moving her eyes away from him.

DOCTOR: Yes, the complications you mentioned from your previous pregnancy.

DOCTOR: Understandable, no?

Panel 4

Description: First point of view angle, as we can see the baby laying down on a bed. Once again, we can see the arms of a man, but this time they are holding an electric device, long and that opens near the top. The sonic screwdriver is beeping and glowing.

MARIAS: What... what's that?

DOCTOR: This? Oh, nothing, just a new device to run medical exams. You'll see every doctor carry one of them soon enough.

Panel 5

Description: First point of view again, this time the doctor is now passing on the baby back to the mother. The baby is holding a finger to his left ear, as if picking something.

DOCTOR: The good news is that he has an almost clean bill of health. He seems to be suffering from a mild ear infection, but nothing too serious. I will give you the appropriate medicine to give lil'...

DOCTOR: You haven't settled on a name for him yet, have you?

Panel 6

Description: The mother is holding the baby once again, close to her chest and neck in a loving embrace. Besides her is The Doctor putting his arm on her shoulder, in a reassuring way.

MARIA: I think I will name him Ludwig, after his grandfather.

THE DOCTOR: That's a charming name Ms. Beethoven.

The End.


  1. So, Who is going to save Beethoven's hearing or he is the cause of it so we are guaranteed such lovely music?

    Otherwise, nice page. Had an esteemed feel to it.

  2. A clever neat little script. I like it for what it's worth!

  3. A fun little page you've got here, Matt. I especially like the detail of the baby picking at his ear. I don't know why, but that part of the script really resonated with me.

  4. Thanks guys.

    @Ryan: Open to interpretation.

  5. Nice to have you back, Matt. I like the ambiguity here.


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