Saturday, November 19, 2011

Doctor Who – The Future Is Later – MK Stangeland Jr.

Through an unfortunate series of freak accidents, the TARDIS has managed to merge with DOC BROWN’s Locomotive Time Machine. DOC BROWN and DR. WHO both realize that this is a really, really bad thing.

(4 Panels)

Panel 1: DOC BROWN and DR. WHO are standing in a room that could presumably be part of the TARDIS. DOC BROWN looks like he’s about ready to pull the hair out on one side of his head as he reacts in shock to what he and DR. WHO have just realized. CARLA BROWN, JULES BROWN, VERNE BROWN, and EINSTEIN are in the room as well.

Around them are a number of digital whiteboards with a large assortment of mathematical equations and SCIENCE! written on them. In the center of it all is a hologram displaying the result of the TARDIS and the Locomotive Time Machine merging – in short, it looks kind of like what you might get if the two individual machines had a baby.

DOC BROWN: Great Scott!

DR. WHO: The weight of what this implies is astronomical!

DOC BROWN: This is worse than I feared!

CLARA: What is it?

Panel 2: DOC BROWN and DR. WHO look at each other as they try to explain the situation.

DR. WHO: Originally, we thought that the TARDIS would be able to handle having the Flux Capacitor incorporated into its other systems.

DOC BROWN: But it turns out they’re far less compatible than we hoped.

DR. WHO: It seems that the two systems are now working against each other.

DOC BROWN: Even as we speak, their separate efforts are likely beginning to warp the fabric of the space-time continuum!

Panel 3: JULES BROWN asks a question while VERNE BROWN holds onto EINSTEIN.

JULES BROWN: That’s bad, right?

DOC BROWN: Bad? Son, it’s worse than bad!

DR. WHO: If we don’t solve this problem, and quickly…

Panel 4: Panel focuses on DR. WHO and DOC BROWN.

DOC BROWN & DR. WHO: This could destroy the very fabric of reality itself!



  1. Now this is how you do a mash up. Inspired but doesn't rest on its laurels, it takes the idea just that bit further. Completely great job, MK.

  2. This is fantastic! I would have loved it just for Doc Brown, but you have woven a legitimate concern into what could have been dismissed as too fantastical. Well done MK, love this playful script.

  3. I've never been the biggest Back to the Future fan, but this is a pretty darn fine combo you have going here, MK. It's a solid idea and your execution is pitch perfect.

  4. I would give my left arm to see this movie. Not my right arm, that's my writing arm.


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