Sunday, November 20, 2011

Doctor Who - Testing a Theory - Grant McLaughlin

Another 3 by 3 grid from me this week.

1 - The TARDIS is next to be a big superhighway.  Cars are whizzing by.  The Doctor, Amy, and Rory stand on the side of the road, watching.  The Doctor stands in front of the other two, looking intently at the highway.  Amy and Rory also seem kind of intent.

2 - The TARDIS is now in a small French alleyway, the kind with barely enough space for one car, let alone two.  The Doctor has his screwdriver out, seemingly taking readings.  Amy and Rory stand behind him once again, with Rory scratching his head in confusion.  French people pass by, looking curiously at the scene before them.

3 - The TARDIS is now in a busy street in downtown Tokyo.  It's nighttime and the nightlife is buzzing.  Neon signs shine brightly, cars move along quickly, and people seem to be everywhere.  However, the Doctor ignores them, taking a keen eye for the street, standing a little askew as if trying to get a better angle on it.  Amy and Rory continue stand behind him; Rory looks to Amy for a hint of what's going on, but she just shrugs her shoulders.

4 - The TARDIS is now in the middle of a rural English road.  There's no cars in sight, but there are a bunch of curious sheep standing in a nearby pasture.  Once again, the Doctor is looking with incredible interest at the road - he's on his hands and knees, with his head to ground, seemingly listening for something.  Amy and Rory stand slightly apart again, looking pretty confused.

5 - The TARDIS is now in Rio de Janeiro, along Copacabana Beach.  Local Brazilians walk along the beach in swimsuits of various varieties, but unsurprisingly, the Doctor has eyes only for the nearby road, taking notes this time around.  Rory is sitting on the sand, looking at some of the beach-goers, while Amy lets out a big ol' yawn.

6 - The TARDIS is now in the forzen tundra.  It's pretty miserable.  There's a strong wind that's whipping snow to and fro.  There is also a frozen road nearby that is commanding the Doctor's entire attention.  Amy and Rory are freezing, rubbing their arms frantically to stay warm.  The Doctor seems unaffected by the cold weather.

7 - Move a little closer to the Doctor and Amy and Rory.  The Doctor's hand is rubbing his chin pensively.  His two companions continue to freeze.

DOCTOR WHO: Fascinating.

8 - The Doctor has turned around and is walking towards Amy and Rory and, ultimately, the TARDIS that is behind them.  The Doctor can be in the process of straightening his jacket.  Amy and Rory are on the verge of turning blue they're so cold.

DOCTOR WHO: It seems that all roads do lead you home.

RORY: Uh, d-don't you mean "all roads lead to Rome"?

DOCTOR WHO: Why, of course not.

9 - The Doctor has walked past his two companions, a knowing hand in the air with one finger pointing skywards to emphasize his point.  Amy and Rory look at each other, cold and confused.

DOCTOR WHO: ...everybody knows that saying's rubbish.

In just under the wire!

I am also one of the seeming many of our group that hasn't seen all that much Doctor Who.  I've taken in maybe one and a half episodes at this point, and although I have been meaning to check out more, that doesn't leave much in the way of inspiration for a script.  All I managed is this questionable wordplay.  I wouldn't call it one of my best, but if I didn't bite the bullet and submit, Doctor Who week was going to be over before I finished, so here you go.


  1. It's got that wacky feeling of the Doctor Grant, but I would say that this script suffers from being too long for not much of a pay off. I would think that you could get this down to 4-5 panels quite easily.

  2. I think this is a case of an idea working better in theory than in practice. I think I get the idea you're going for, but the execution is lacking, though I'm really not sure how many people really could get the idea to come across in a single page.

  3. I agree with the others that this could have done with more space, but I often struggle with that when writing my own tbs. That said, I definitely felt like you had the characters down, even in the silent panels, and though the gag itself probably wasn't worth it, the Doctor's attitude was perfect.


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