Sunday, November 13, 2011

Doctor Who – World War Who - Ben Rosenthal

The Doctor is up against his most fearsome and powerful enemy yet. He has tried to defeat him once. He lost. Badly. He now stands before this enemy, confident as he reveals his new plan to conquer the Big Bad.

1. The eleventh Doctor (as portrayed by Matt Smith) is standing in a spotlight facing the reader. We can see his full body in the panel, pitch blackness outside of what the spotlight has highlighted. He is alone. Looking up at the reader, the Doctor is addressing his rather large nemesis who we cannot see.


Here’s the thing about time travel.

2. A pair of shoes can now be seen at the edges of the spotlight, situated just behind the Doctor.


When you get down to it, time is essentially linear.

3. The spotlight has moved up to revel who is standing behind the Doctor – they are the last two incarnations of the Doctor (Christopher Eccleston to his right, David Tennant to his left). Both are holding their sonic screwdrivers out, poised and ready to use them. More pairs of feet can be seen again at the edge of this expanded spotlight shining on the Doctors.


So it wasn’t a matter of where I was going to get help last time you kicked my behind.

4. The spotlight has not shed light on the whole panel. The remaining eight previous incarnations of the Doctor are standing behind the three latest incarnations. They are all ready for action. The eleventh Doctor, still at the front of the pack wears a smirk.


It was when I was going.

This piece really relies on you guys knowing that the Doctor ‘regenerates’ when he dies – that is, he gets a new body, new personality but retains all of his memories. As a few of the previous actors have passed on, I thought that a comic was the only place where we would get to see such a gathering of all of the Doctor’s incarnations. Hey, it’s time travel – anything is possible.


  1. When I was a kid, one of my favourite Doctor Who stories was The Five Doctors which united then-current Who Peter Davidson with his four predecessors: William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker (although Baker had thrown his toys out of the pram and refused to take part so his Doctor was caught in a time-loop that allowed the producers to utilise old footage to include him). Sadly, as the first three Doctors are now no longer with us, and Baker is still a pompous arse (though, ironically, being my first Doctor, he will always be my favourite) the only way you'd get such a team-up now would be in a comic. Well done, Ben, this was fun.

  2. Not a bad little fanboy moment. Decent build of panels, pretty cool concept. I can dig it.

  3. A nice little build to the reveal in the last panel. Definitely a story that I would be interested in reading.


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