Saturday, November 5, 2011

Eric O'Grady - No Respect - Grant McLaughlin

Rows 1 and 2 are both a quarter of the page and are both made up of two panels.  Row 3 is a single panel that takes up the bottom half of the page.

1 – Interior shot of Avengers' Mansion. Eric O'Grady and Wolverine are walking down a hallway. Eric is in full Ant-Man armour. Wolverine is dressed in regular civilian clothing. He's even holding a can of beer. Eric is pretty darn excited; Wolverine looks like it would be hard for him to give less of a damn.

ERIC (1): I came over as soon as I got the call. I'm glad that you guys have finally realized how much I deserve to be on this team.

ERIC (2): To be honest, I'm surprised it took you as long as it did to figure out how badly you really need me.

2 – Eric babbles on. Wolverine continues to pay no attention.

ERIC: So who is it this time? Hyrda? Doctor Doom? Galactus? I'm ready for anything.

3 – Eric finally stops talking, looking expectantly to Wolverine for a response. Wolverine offers nothing, taking a drink of his beer instead. No dialogue.

4 – Move the camera in a little closer on Eric. Wearing a less certain expression, he starts to look and point behind him toward where they've come from.

ERIC: (quieter): Isn't the war room that way...

(off-panel): Thank god you're here. You're the only one who can help us now.

5 – Eric and Wolverine have found their way to the living room. It's a pretty sweet one, to be certain.  Eric looks pretty begrudging.  Ms. Marvel, the Thing, Spider-Man, and some of the other New Avengers are already there. Some are sitting, some are standing, and some are wall crawling, but they are all kind of around the main couch, which curiously has no one sitting on it.

ERIC: Can't you just move the cushions?

SPIDER-MAN: We could, but the remote got wedged pretty far down...

CAROL: Do you think you can hurry? The game's on in two minutes.


  1. A cute page Grant. The only thing that bugs me is the jump between Panels 4 to 5. I assume that there is a time jump there, however your description leads me to believe that that is flowing on from the previous panel. It seems a little disorientating.

  2. The flip is good but it's also just so telegraphed. Imagine if Wolvie led him into a Hand battle instead and O'Grady wasn't ready...wouldn't that be funny...?

    However, once we get to that final panel Spidey's line made me laugh out loud. So ludicrous, that's a great line.


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