Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Eric O'Grady - Speed Dating With The Irredeemable Ant Man - Rol Hirst

Classic 9-panel grid except for the bottom row which is all one long panel.

Panel One.

Eric is sitting at a Speed Dating table in a restaurant / club. Sitting across from him is a buxom blonde. Side view as the blonde slaps Eric in the face.

SFX: Slap!

Panel Two.

Looking over the shoulder of another of Eric’s Speed Dates as she stands up to leave - outraged. Eric is holding up his hands in protest over a misunderstanding, trying desperately to explain himself.

Eric: No, no – I said ants... ANTS! They're nothing like crabs!

Panel Three.

Straight on view of another of Eric’s Speed-Dates, a gorgeous Christina Hendricks type. She’s holding up a crooked little finger, mocking him.

Eric (off-panel): I think you're misunderstanding--

Panel Four.

Eric is holding up his Ant Man helmet, trying to explain another misunderstanding. Another woman is walking away from the table in disgust.

Eric: I was talking about this! Honest!

Panel Five.

A shy, dark haired young woman is sobbing uncontrollably. Eric reaches towards her, awkwardly, unsure how to console her.

Woman: Wuh-wuh-waaaaaaahhhh!

Eric: Really... Was it something I said?

Panel Six.

Eric receives another slap round the face from yet another woman.

Woman: Pervert!

Panel Seven.

Wider shot of the room. We’re in the changeover period where the female speed dates move from one table to the next. There’s no one opposite Eric at this point. The man at the next table, a smug Lothario type, grins over at Eric. Refusing to look at the man, Eric instead scribbles in his notebook.

Smug Man: Not having much luck, are ya, pal?

Eric: You’d be surprised… pal. Take it from me, I’ll be seeing every one of these lovely ladies again very soon.

Eric (smaller, aside): Whether they see me, well, that's a different matter...


  1. HEY! He's not that bad a guy. Harsh, man, just harsh.

    Also, panel 4 had me laughing for quite some time. Good show.

    I would have liked to see some other superheroinne in the group too, and have her embarrassed to be caught there. But I don't know who that should be...

  2. I laughed at this way more than I care to admit. Panel 2 and 4 are killer. The page layout is perfect for this book as well, I have reread all 12 original issues and had forgotten how many panels per page you got, some pages rock 10+ panels.

  3. Ha! Great page, Rol. As Shaun pointed out, the high number of panels does make it ring true to the original series.

    @Ryan - Jen Walters.

  4. Great page Rol and one that evokes the tone of the original Kirkman series and the character.

    The dialogue rings true too. Ryan and Ben's suggestions are great too!

  5. @ Ben - She-Hulk would make a good pick, wouldn't she? Fun way of saying "not even SHE would sink low enough to date him". :-P


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