Monday, November 21, 2011

The Flash - Date Night - Ben Rosenthal

1. A shot of Iris West, looking shocked. She is looking directly at the reader. The background is dark, but we can make out some slight images of tables, with people sitting at these tables.



2. Barry Allen is shown in his civilian clothes. Around him are piles and piles of food. His arms move at a blur as he begins to devour everything on the menu.


I’ll go for a run later.

So basically, Barry has to eat a lot a food because he burns so much energy with all his running. Get it? Hey? I'll be over here.


  1. I've actually thought about this concept before, especially with energy-giving superheroes like Gambit and Cyclops. To produce their energy, they'd need HUGE amounts of fuel. The answer I've heard fans use is that they steal their energy from another dimension. As for The Flash, I believe he gets his energy from the Speed Force, which I suppose is the same thing :)

  2. I got a chuckle out of this, but I'm not sure if it's at the cheap joke or your self-reference of such.

  3. I went with a 'Date Night' theme too. Heh.

    Short and snappy with a good visual!

  4. Actually, Ben, this used to be a recurrent theme of The Flash back when DC relaunched the book post-Crisis back in the 80s. It was Wally West then, but he was always devouring stacks of burgers etc. to keep up his energy.

    Wally also had a voracious appetite in... other areas as well.

  5. Didn't Waid write this into the title...?

    I'm just glad Ben didn't write Barry's speed into the bedroom. Title really had me worried.


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