Friday, November 25, 2011

The Flash – A Matter Of Timing – Ryan K Lindsay


This is an Elseworlds tale. It’s a Noir city, perhaps even connected to Batman: Nine Lives. Design the characters, and places, as you see fit.

1. Barry Allen sits in a club booth – this is the Club Dark Side as presented in a noir world. Go crazy with the tropes. Next to Barry is Iris West. There is a big rock on her finger and the only thing shining more is her smile.
Barry: You going to spend all night staring at your reflection in it?
Iris: You bet’cha.
Caption: Allen was seen in the Club Dark Side from 7pm to 11pm.

2. A suave and besuited Darkseid walks up towards Barry and iris’ table, he is wearing white shoes.
Caption: The proprietor of the club approached Barry and his new fiancé at approximately 10:35pm.

3. Barry looks down as a single bullet lands in his lap. It hasn’t been fired, it’s just been tossed there.
Caption: No one could report exactly what occurred.

4. Barry looks up and Darkseid stands with his arms folded.
Darkseid: Be careful, Allen, the next one’s coming much quicker.
Caption: But it was clear words were exchanged.

5. Barry sits still, playing with the bullet in his left hand. Darkseid walks away. Iris looks angry because she knows Darkseid has ruined her night.
Caption: Allen’s mood soured, appreciably. They left soon after.

6. Crime scene out the back, tape up, cops taking photos. Darkseid is dead on the ground, a sheet covers most of his body, just not his white shoes.
Caption: The proprietor was found dead out the back at fifteen minutes to midnight. He was last seen at 11:40pm, well after Allen was gone.
Caption: Multiple witnesses verify Allen was buying, and eating, ice cream with his lady from 11:25pm to midnight at Jack’s Ice Cream Parlour.
Caption: He had a rum and raisin. It didn’t lift his spirits.

I'm still not certain about that last line. I could easily be convinced by an editor to remove it.

Otherwise, it's nice to get back to some noir. Feels like it's been forever. I tried with Jim Gordon week but it just wasn't happening. I like this page, maybe not love it, but it feels like I got the tone right.

I stole the bullet line from something Australian. Extra points to you if you can tell me what it was.


  1. A noir version where Barry is able to kill people in a way that's so fast that he can get away clean? Oh, that's clever. :D

  2. Two hands - gimme points, fast!!!

  3. This is all kinds of neat.

    I love the dialogue and captions here too.


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