Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Flash - Title To Be Revealed - Rol Hirst

The scenario: Barry Allen is searching for something… or someone. Speeding across the DC Universe, stopping off at various notable hero hang-outs. Each individual panel is separate by a lightning bolt to denote Barry’s lightning fast journey.

This page should be drawn by George Perez, or at a pinch Phil Jiminez. You’ll soon understand why…

Panel One.

Barry Allen (in Flash costume) speeds away from Titans Tower, across the surface of San Francisco Bay. His face is set in an expression of grim determination.

CAP (Barry): The Titans know nothing.

Panel Two.

A dark, seedy bar. Barry is leaving, fast, scowling. Behind him, John Constantine, Deadman and Shade are drinking at a table while Madame Xanadu deals tarot. Constantine is giving Barry the finger while the others ignore him.

CAP (Barry): The magicians refuse to help.

Panel Three.

Barry speeds away from The Hall of Justice. Behind him, Booster Gold and Guy Gardner are involved in an argument that’s about to develop into a fistfight. Fire and Ice are trying to separate them.

CAP (Barry): And the JLI are incompetent buffoons.

Panel Four.

This panel is divided by further lightning bolts into three sections. In one, we see Batman frowning at a huge computer screen in the Batcave. In another, Clark Kent is standing on the rooftop of the Daily Planet, looking awkward, adjusting his glasses, unable to help. In the third, the energy from Hal Jordan’s ring has formed into a large green question mark.

CAP (Barry): Not that any of my own colleagues have been able to provide an answer to my question either…

Panel Five.

The remainder of the page is a Perez/Crisis style group shot/montage showing Barry speeding between various other characters from the DCU, including Wonder Woman, Aquaman, J’onn J’onzz and Stormwatch, the Doom Patrol, Legion Lost, and the Suicide Squad. The panel features various freeze-frame images of Barry as he moves between the various characters. The final such image has one line of dialogue: also the title of this strip…

Barry: Where’s Wally!?


  1. That's very good question, Rol. A very good question indeed.

  2. That's a hell of a set up for a very lame joke. And you totally make it work. Nicely played, old chum.

    Now, it's not as good as my Dr Who gag but it'll do in a pimch ;)


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