Monday, November 28, 2011

Pet Avengers – I’m a Bad Man - Ben Rosenthal

1. Redwing is in midflight. However an arrow has pierced one of its wings. It cries it pain as it begins to fall.

2. A raging river. In the middle of the river is a burlap sack, tied up. It is in the process of sinking below the surface. From the hole in the sack we can see the paw of Hairball, reaching out for help.

3. Thog is hanging by the neck near a small lake. One hand clutches at the strand around his neck, while his other reaches in vain for his hammer, lying on the ground bellow his dangling feet.

4. Lockheed is on all fours, head held low. On the wall behind the dragon we can see the shadow of a man with a sword raised above his head. He is about to bring it down on Lockheed’s neck.

5. Lockjaw stands centre panel, looking scared. He is being tracked. Behind him leaping from the shadows is Kraven the Hunter, knife in hand.

Poor Pet Avengers - they more than anyone has suffered from my bad moos while writing this. I'll make it up to them, one day.


  1. A bad man indeed, Mr. Rosenthal! And yet, this page is rather compelling. Combining the Pet Avengers with Kraven the Hunter seems like the perfect choice, and yet I had never even considered it.

    Perhaps unsurprisingly, I choose to imagine that all of the Pet Avengers would survive their initial attack (especially Hairball!), which could lead into a pretty interesting mini-series exploring Kraven's motivations and what the besieged Pet Avengers will do about it.

  2. I think the term for what's happened here is "Creator Breakdown".

  3. How the hell did someone give this 2 stars. I've found the viewers on this site so often don't like nasty fiction. Why is that? Sometimes you gotta up and hang a frog. Don't people see the narrative interest in that? Pfft, plebs... ;)

    Ben - this is actually a fairly engaging page. The lack of words worked for me totally. Nice stuff.

  4. Keep this up and you'll be known as 2.5 Star Rosenthal ;)

    For what it's worth, I like the idea of Kraven hunting the animals... though I don't think he would be able to catch Lockjaw :)

  5. For shame! Won't someone think of the children, etc.

    To be fair though this is a fairly solid page that's very engaging. Like Ryan says the lack of captions and dialogue actually help it in that respect too.


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