Monday, December 12, 2011

Judge Dredd - Reality is - Ben Rosenthal

1. Judge Dredd is sitting, his helmet in his hands. He looks at it, thinking, although shadow covers the upper half of his body so that we cannot see his face.

CAPTION: How many times have I stared death in the face? How many times have I dodged that bullet?

2. Judge Dredd is standing now. We see him from behind as he places his helmet over his head.

CAPTION: Now, death has caught up.

3. Judge Dredd’s arm reaches for his Lawgiver pistol.

CAPTION: Unfortunately for the scum of this city...

4. Half body shot of Judge Dredd in full light. Lawgiver in hand and what we can see of his face showing a grim determination.

CAPTION: I’m taking them with me.

Just a bit of housekeeping - Judge Dredd has been recently diagnosed with a form of brain cancer.


  1. I haven't read Dredd for so long, but I can't remember ever reading a story where we got into Dredd's head via captions.

    But, if any story demanded it, it would be this one. Cool idea and it'd be interesting to see where you took this.

  2. If this were the issue where Dredd actually dies then I'd allow the captions...but only if it's that last issue, and only if his actions on the final page are silent.

    Otherwise, I will not abide such captions. Unless Dredd normally uses personal captions, then I don't care. Go ahead. (Can you tell I don't read Dredd?)

    This is a tight little page, Ben. No fuss and that's kind of how I see Dredd. Tidy.

  3. Oh, and I would have been just as happy if your script was just:
    1.* Judge Dredd is sitting, his helmet in his hands.

    Then let the artist figure out *exactly* what it is you want drawn. Ha.

  4. Enjoyed this one, Ben. It's simple and effective and sums up the character beautifully.


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