Sunday, December 11, 2011

Judge Dredd - Writing For Creeps - Maxy "Drokk" Barnard

What follows is a comic script version of real-life events, and as such must be taken very seriously, else history repeat itself. This is the tragic elimination of one of the original Thought Ballooners. He will never script again. It's a packed record, but with the right representation, we believe the tale can progress neatly, especially if the inset panels were kept as small as possible.


Inset within panel 2. DREDD's boot kicking through the front door to MAXY BARNARD's flat, splinters flying every which way.

DREDD stepping through the door, gun in hand, as MAXY is at his desk, mid-way through panickedly falling from his chair.


MAXY: Drokk!

DREDD picking MAXY up off the floor by the collar with ease.

MAXY: I didn't do anything, man, I swear I haven't written a word in weeks!

DREDD: That's just it...

Having pulled MAXY closer to his face, DREDD is yelling, spittle flying, point blank. MAXY is flinching away best he can.


Inset into panel 6. DREDD throws MAXY to the floor.


MAXY scuttling into the corner away from Dredd, reaching out for something.

MAXY: You don't understand, I had STUFF going on...

Inset into panel 9. MAXY swinging round with a gun.

MAXY: You just do-

Inset into panel 9. A bullet passes through MAXY's head.

JUDGE DREDD, gun smoking, pointed at the reader.

DREDD: No excuses for breaking the rules, kid.



  1. Aw Max, I'm sad that you won't be here for a while but what a way to go! Methinks you were planning this for a while now, yes?

    Regardless, I am sad to see you move on and hope that you will return to us one day soon.

  2. Well, you went out with a bang.

    Meta with a dash of the old ultraviolence. Nice one!

    Sad to see you go Max.

  3. This script reads so damn well if you know what Max looks like. I could really *see* this happening.

    A nice slice of meta to bow out on, mate.

    You will be missed.


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