Monday, December 26, 2011

The North Pole - Luke Cage's Sweet Christmas Page 1 - Ben Rosenthal

When writing the following dialogue, those parts labelled CAPTION should be in the usual caption boxes, and the speech by the characters in a word balloon from the corresponding characters.

1. Luke cage is sits in a rocking chair in the nursery at the Avengers Mansion. He is facing a crib, a book in hand as he reads to Danielle as she falls asleep. The window behind him shows that it is snowing.


Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

The stockings were hung –

2. Same as Panel 1. However we can see two small hands appearing from underneath the cot. Luke Cage is standing, book in one hand while his other hand is gripped firmly on the back of the rocking chair.


“By Jiminy, who’s there?

Show yourself now, or you’ll be eatin’ this chair.”

3. A small elf is standing in front of the cot now. His head is bowed, hat in hands as he addresses Luke Cage. Luke has relaxed somewhat, as if he knows who this elf is (Pretty sure Luke has met one of Santa’s elves before).


His child sleeping all snug in her bed,

When out from under it came an elf with bowed head.


“Forgive me Luke Cage, I was looking for Cap,

It seems that dear Santa has fallen into a trap.”

4. Luke Cage has his hand on the elf’s shoulder, showing compassion as he talks.


“I’ll help little guy,”


Luke Cage he did say,


“You just have to make sure that Santa can pay”.


The elf looked confused, and then asked




Luke Cage looked down and said


“The Avengers pay squat.”

5. This frame should go the length of the page, as it shows the two teleporting from the Mansion to the North Pole. The elf has his eyes closed as it casts a teleportation spell. The background is in a transition of being the Avenger’s nursery room, and the barren arctic tundra.


The elf closed his eyes, and whispered a spell of old

Next thing he knew, Cage was at the North Pole!

6. A close up of Luke Cage’s face as he shivers in the cold. A string of snot dangles from his nose.


Luke was freezing, his nose all runny,

His teeth chattered loudly as he asked


”Where’s my money, honey?”


  1. This page is a big win. Of course, it only got better once I realized that there was a part two. Was this planned or did it just happen naturally?

  2. I didn't even contemplate that this might be a precursor to the other entry. Doh!

    Nice job even if it isn't!


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