Sunday, December 25, 2011

The North Pole - Where In The World Is The North Pole? - Ryan K Lindsay


1. A S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier fills the sky as we look up at it. Someone whom we cannot see yet speaks within the vehicle.
Voice: You're kidding, right?

2. Nick Fury looks down and out of the helicarrier, the wind from the open door whips his hair around a little.
Fury: You ever known me to kid, Drake?

3. Bobby Drake, the Iceman of the X-Men, looks down next to Fury - this panel might as well be the next section of the same image from Panel 2, just separated with a panel gutter.
Drake: I've never actually known you, sir.

4. We now look down at the helicarrier from above and see it is above pure green and blue ocean.
Fury: Well, I can assure you this isn't some practical joke cooked up by that blue doormat you call an intellectual superior.
Fury: You're to go down there and figure out what happened.
Fury: Maybe even fix it if you can, sure be appreciated.

And thus begins a crazy spy trip into an iceless North Pole where Atlantean scientists have made a big mistake.

Merry Xmas, one and all.


  1. So, how much of the world is covered by water now? Where is Santa? Is Nick Fury Santa? Why am I asking such stupid questions?

  2. Oh those Atlanteans, what have they done now?

    Nice script and I liked the interplay between Bobby and Fury (which sounds like a 70's singing duo now I read that aloud), especially:

    "I've never actually known you, sir."

    I really want to know how the Atlanteans f*cked up though. Haha.

  3. Liked the dialogue too (though I'm sure Bobby and Nicky must've had a few run ins by now). I half expected this to go all climate-change serious, but I guess you were going for the fun angle instead... which is probably for the best. Much as the fate of the North Pole concerns me, I hate it when comics go all real-world-messagey.

  4. Fun stuff, Ryan. The dialogue is nice and quick, and the premise would make for a fine Marvel holiday issue.


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