Saturday, December 10, 2011

Nova – Eulogy – MK Stangeland Jr.

The scene takes place within the relatively short span of time between the end of THANOS IMPERATIVE and the first ANNIHILATORS miniseries.
The location is aboard a large observation area on a starship that is currently orbiting the wreckage of XANDAR. Present are most of the members of the NOVA CORPS as well as a select group of other cosmic heroes.
(4 Panels)
PANEL 1: COSMO stands as best as a dog is able at a podium overlooking the crowd assembled on the observation deck.
COSMO: Richard Rider was good man.
PANEL 2: Panel overlooks crowd as COSMO continues to address them with his telepathy.
COSMO: He came from humble origins on planet known as Earth. It eez planet familiar to Cosmo. It has strange role of being both far from cosmic affairs and yet play big role in them.
PANEL 3: Panel shows the ship as it orbits the ruins of XANDAR.
COSMO: When given power of last member of Nova Corps, Richard prove zat great man can come from anywhere.
PANEL 4: Panel shows a distance shot of XANDAR and the ship orbiting it. Edge of panel should suggest that the following page will transition to a flashback or images of scenes that COSMO will be describing. As he continues.
COSMO (1): He show it eez not important where person come from zat eeze important, but what person do with life.
COSMO (2): Richard show one must seize opportunities presented in life and make most of zem.


  1. MK - a technically sound script but it just didn't connect with me. I think I blame Nova, I don't know if this week sold him to me or not...

    I like the overall concept, and delivery, I just don't love it and I don't think that's on you, mate.

  2. Solid script but I'm also not connecting with it.

    My lack of familiarity with the character and his mythology (as attested by my own effort this week) are, like Ryan, stopping me from appreciating this as much as I should.


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