Monday, December 5, 2011

Nova - Up - Ben Rosenthal

1. The streets of Manhattan. Everyday citizens are looking up to a bright light in the sky. Some are pointing, while others look worried.


Look! Up in the sky!


It’s a Bird!

2. Still on the street, however the light in the sky has gotten much bigger, and looking rather ominous. The people in the street all look worried now, with some beginning to run away.


It’s a plane?

3. Inside an air born ship, in the control room. We see the back of a figure, but cannot work out who it is. They are standing with their hand to chin, observing the bright light from the control room window.



4. A close up of the bright object. It is Nova, bursting with energy. His face is of intense concentration as he tries to contain the immense power that threatens to erupt from him, destroying the planet.

CAPTION: It’s a super Nova.


  1. Well, 3 star Rosenthal, you might have done it again.

    This is funny. Kind of. Is it wrong to say this is exactly what I want from you? Also, that punchline is actually just a bit better than people might give it credit for. It's clever but also says a lot more if you really think about it. Nice work, mate. Nice.

  2. Nice buildup to the last panel.

    I saw it coming from a mile off but it still made me smile.


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