Friday, December 2, 2011

Pet Avengers – Valhalla Interrupted – Ryan K Lindsay


1. Establishing shot of Central Park in Manhattan. Take whichever panel size or perspective angle you desire. Just make sure this isn’t a massive panel, we need more room below.
Caption-Throg: You should be happy I’m here.

2. Throg sits in a majestic throne amidst the trees made of branches and leaves. His Mjolnir sits by his right hand in a cradle made of leaves and his left hand holds a tiny goblet with red wine sloshing around in it.
Throg: My mere presence recognises this locale is a prosperous ecosystem.

3. Lockjaw looks up at Throg, he’s making a point.
Lockjaw: *this speech bubble holds some kind of crazy symbol, do with it as you wish*

4. Throg points at Lockjaw with his goblet, he’s making a point of his own.
Throg: Neither I nor my associates have rained down on this city, been vomited up by fair maidens, or imposed ourselves in any malicious manner.

5. Large panel. Throg sits back in his throne, Lockjaw looks small before him. Behind and around Throg, the trees fill with tiny Gold Frogs (about 1cm in length). Their eyes hint mischief and the amount of them is intense.
Throg: If you wish to lead my army away then you should find us a suitable battleground to inhabit.

The only other alternative was assembling a new Pet Avengers consisting of Froggy Nelson, Microchipped, Beta Ray Duck-Bill, Uatu the Pincher, and … oh, no, wait, the team should totally be Howard the Duck, Black Widow, Throg, Spider-Woman, and Wolverine fighting against Man-Bull. Oh, if only there were time to tell ‘November Ryan’ such glorious plans…hrmf ;)


  1. Should have set it in Frog Town!! tisk tisk

  2. Some cool atmosphere here, lending a surprising amount of gravitas to Throg's words. I can only imagine what Lockjaw's intentions are here, but I'm dying to know. Nice stuff!


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