Sunday, December 18, 2011

What If…? – Newest Fantastic Four – MK Stangeland Jr.

(A sequel to probably the favorite ‘What If…?’ comic I own (though, granted I don’t actually own that many issues), Newer Fantastic Four, which in turn is a sequel to the ‘Mike Wieringo tribute’ version of the New Fantastic Four ‘What If…?’ issue.

In this scene, the current version of the four – SPIDER-MAN, WOLVERINE, IRON MAN, and SHE-HULK (having replaced her cousin following the events of Newer Fantastic Four) have infiltrated a Kree command center in order to stop the SUPREME INTELLIGENCE before the final pieces of his plan for OPERATION: GALACTIC STORM can come together.)

(4 Panels)

Panel 1: SHE-HULK stands just on the outside of the doorway as the now wrecked doors come to a rest on the floor. A Skrull soldier can be seen halfway sticking out from under one of the doors. IRON MAN flies through the doorway right above her and provides cover fire. SPIDER-MAN has a webline attached to IRON-MAN’s boots which allows him to be pulled into the room. WOLVERINE is about to charge into the room from behind where SHE-HULK is standing.

SHE-HULK & SPIDER-MAN: Knock, knock!

Panel 2: Skrull soldiers fire on the FANTASTIC FOUR members as the SUPREME INTELLIGENCE operates from behind a shielded control panel.

SPIDER-MAN: Hey, that was my line!


SHE-HULK: I was going to say it first!

Panel 3: IRON MAN unleashes his UNI-BEAM on the shielding protecting SUPREME INTELLIGENCE.

IRON MAN: Bad news, Intelligence. Your plan’s already been interfered with.


SFX: (Impact with shield) ptsfffff!

Panel 4: CUT to scene of CAPTAIN AMERICA’s Avengers team and the STARFORCE launching an attack on the skrulls guarding the NEGA-BOMB.

IRON MAN: (Voice Over) As we speak, our friends are ensuring your Nega-Bomb is neutralized permanently.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: Avengers, take ‘em down!




  1. I love the manic, OTT dialogue to this. It fits perfectly the manic, OTT situation while also thumbing its nose at the ridiculousness of the Galactic Storm era.

  2. I never read the original referred to at the top of the post so I don't really have a frame of reference for this.

    Despite that this is overblown in the right way. The dialogue and the action kind of leap out at you and it fits with the tone (I think) you're going for.

  3. Colour me confused. This script didn't speak to me at all. It felt cluttered with so much dialogue, SFX, etc and yet I'm not sure what really happened. Some Avengers stormed a room and some other Avengers were doing some stuff. I could not get a hold on this one at all, and what I did get just didn't grab me in any way interesting.

    And that's my one harsh on for the week, sorry MK :|

  4. @ Ryan: I'll agree, the page leaves a lot to be desired, and there's a lot I could have done differently. I think the biggest flaw is that I originally had a different 'What If' planned, a Star Wars based one, but then I remembered the Newer Fantastic Four and couldn't help but do a different page instead, but then I had trouble figuring out how to do it and this ultimately turned out to be a rush-job.

    In retrospect, I probably should have just gone with my other idea, but I thought that there was just enough of a possibility that I might get another opportunity to get my other idea in, while this one not so much.

    But thus is life. It is nice to know that it's not a complete loss, though, since there are some people who do enjoy it on some level.

  5. I don't really have any of the context for this scene, so its overfilled nature kind of lost me from the get go. On the plus side, I definitely liked the Spidey - She-Hulk lines. Frankly, I'm always kind of happy when you write Spidey. :)

  6. Woah, that is a pretty full on page. But like has already been said, perhaps way too much is happening.

    I too liked the Spidey/She Hulk banter.


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